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I Did It Again. On Purpose.

A suddenly-appearing wheat/gluten allergy seems to me to be a sign of somebody that doesn’t have a strong enough will. I have a *very* strong will. I should be able to kick gluten’s ASS. I am so tired of having to always be careful of what I eat so I don’t accidentally poison myself.

So, I made a bunch of no-bake cookies today, the kind that looks like cat shit and has lots of oatmeal in it. I thought I’d kinda sneak up on gluten. And I ate some. Shrug. I didn’t feel any discomfort, so I ate a few more. There are people with full-blown celiac disease that can eat oatmeal, so I should be okay. Besides, it’s all a matter of willpower.

Those people that can tolerate oatmeal *sigh* are not me. I’m now in a chair scrunched up in pain because it feels like I’ve swallowed some caustic substance that is trying to claw its way through my intestines and abdominal wall. Oatmeal is kicking my ass.

Apparently I need to work on my willpower some more. If a politician drops over dead when he or she is in the middle of saying something particularly stupid, well, you know that might be me working on strengthening my willpower. I would happily kill to be able to eat a yeast roll, hot from the oven, slathered in butter.

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Going to Manhattan to Party?

According to Chechen Terrorist the Younger, they were not planning to go to New York to hurt anybody! They were just going to party!

Yes. I so totally relate to THAT. Because people always carry multiple illegal weapons and bombs when they are going someplace to party. Especially places with extremely strict gun controls.

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H7N9 Case in Taiwan

Read about it here.

“Oh, no big deal!” you might say. “Just another case of flu. Nothing to see. Move along here.” The man has been in the hospital since April 16 in critical condition. Suppose the critical care units in the hospital were unavailable? Remember how SARS was shutting down Canadian hospitals? I think we’re going to see that again. If memory serves me correctly, it was Taiwan/Canadian airline traffic that spread it.

It is killing about 1/5 of the people that are infected if the Chinese numbers are correct.

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