What Would I Do?

I was asked recently what would I do if I were in a similar situation regarding a job that had radically changed from what the person was originally hired for.

Well, that’s easy. I’d give the new situation a chance, if it were feasible from both an economic and family standpoint and, if it isn’t, I’d leave.

People have a tendency, and I’m no different, to stick with what is comfortable. As a situation grows more uncomfortable over time, we adjust our expectations. It is only when the discomfort is truly painful do we make that leap into the unfamiliar.

When we leap into the unfamiliar, we are often as uncomfortable with the new work situation and new people as we are with a pair of new shoes or new jeans. The old, worn ones are much more comfortable. Sometimes we slip back into the comfort of the old without making the effort to break in or get used to the new to where they, too, are comfortable.

Have you ever noticed that it is the same with a marriage? People grow apart over time and it is only when the situation is more painful than staying does the situation resolve. The fear of the unknown is a powerful force in people’s lives.

I know that is waaaaay too simplistic for the situations that most people face. I’ve found that I really only have to think about four factors in an employment situation:

Will this job fulfill my financial needs? If it pays less than my expenses, it is time for me to leave (which is what eventually happened with my last job).

Will this job fulfill my family needs? (I stayed with my last job for such a long time because of the generous time off policy because of family needs.)

Will this job help or interfere with my needs for self growth and mental stimulation? (Honestly, I should have left my last job five years ago.)

Do the people that are my coworkers share my values? Sometimes the pay may be good, the hours and schedule are great, the learning opportunities are fine, but you’re working with complete assholes. Do an attitude check and, if it isn’t YOU, you’re not going to be happy. I don’t believe in the liberal, politically correct bullshit espoused in most places.

I’ve been hired in the past and, when I went to work, found that the position had been completely misrepresented as to the hours, the compensation, or both. If it doesn’t fit, I leave. I have found that when my gut and my head are in conflict, my gut feeling is more correct. If my gut says go, I should go.

There are unscrupulous employers that try to make employees bend over backwards and work ridiculous hours because they think that they can. Well, I seem to recall that slavery is illegal. If you do not want to work those hours, that schedule, or those wages, you do not have to. You just have to commit the time and energy to finding something that you CAN work for compensation that you can live, and even thrive, on.

I know that times are hard. You might need to put some extra time and training in, but there are always options. I’m a big proponent of self employment but there aren’t many benefits, and the boss is always a bitch.

UPDATE: SwampMan said it was *VERY* important to include that I do not actually do any of those things. He said that it was far more likely that once I was aware of the deception, I would pitch a HUGE fit along with nearby equipment, shriek very ugly words, and probably break the glass in the door on the way out.

Now, now. I have left many jobs under good circumstances. As long as somebody isn’t a low down deceiving deceiver, I’m as calm and mellow as any ol’ well-fed gator basking in the sun on a warm summer day.

Plus, what I do and what is the right thing to do can be two very different things. I think that tossing the annoying drunken people who run up and down outside hotel rooms, making a lot of noise and banging on doors in the wee hours of the morning waking up sleeping travelers and children just to be funny, off the third floor balcony of said hotel is perfectly reasonable. SwampMan thought it was a litle extreme and actually held me back from doing so, shouting out a warning to the dipshits that he wasn’t going to be able to hold me for long and that they better run like hell. I take these little differences in personality into account with my advice.


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