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I Don’t Bounce Back Worth a DAMN Anymore!

Zombie meThe dog decided to bark at an armadillo attempting to dig under the fence all night long. I got about three hours’ sleep, my eyelids are dragging the ground, my eyeballs are all red, and I can just feel new gray hairs and wrinkles popping out. Why don’t I sleep now, while the damn dog is sleeping? I can’t sleep during the day, that’s why.

I think I’ll go outside and kick the dog while he’s sleeping, then come back inside. Then, he’ll sit there going “hunh”, and trying to decide whether it’s just a dream. Maybe he’ll sit there for awhile and worry about going back to sleep because *maybe* somebody with glowing red eyeballs will come kick him again. Maybe I’ll play really loud music for him.

*sigh* No, I won’t. I love da Puppy. But I’ll think about it. And I might play loud music, too. Or maybe I’ll just periodically go outside and shoot. Just when he’s about to drop off, or has just dropped off into a deep sleep, “BLAM!” Maybe by tonight his hyperactive ass will be ready for some sleep.

Daughter has just come off another 15-hour work shift with no pee break, no water break, no sitting down break, no food break, constant running around with car-hit dogs coming in overnight. She got about three hours of sleep after her last 15-hour shift, then back on for another one.

The bottom picture is what SHE looks like getting off work. The top picture is what I would look like this morning if I were looking good. But nooooo. My hair is shorter, grayer, and my eye bags are worse. Amazing what 20 years can do, hunh? Jenny after 15-hour shift

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