No, I Did NOT Get an Adult Phone

“Mom!” exclaimed my daughter in surprise. “You finally got a phone for adults!”

She was holding a slim, rectangular flat device that was plugged into my computer. “Wait, what is this?” she asked, peering at the screen which she could not get to come on.

“That would be my external hard drive that I back up my computer on.”

“Oh.” She was quite disappointed. “I thought you finally got a REAL phone.”

No, I did not finally get a real phone. My phone can only be used for talking and taking messages. I hate walking through a store or restaurant filled with zombie-like creatures staring in thrall to their phones and caressing the screen. I hate it when I can’t tell the crazy people anymore because everybody walks around yelling now, either through their bluetooth devices or at the voices in their heads. Now they just all look crazy to me.

I suspect that if I got one of those phones, I, too, would join the zombie horde. Must. Resist.

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  1. 1

    Jim Clarke said,

    Resistance is futile

  2. 3

    kcduffy said,

    I have a stoopid phone. I CAN get FB and our blogs on it, but I don’t (except when the computer crashed, that is). I text and use the phone, and sometimes take pictures. It’s enough.

  3. 4

    no2liberals said,

    Inconsiderate people don’t need the latest technology to be total jerks.
    I have a smart phone by Samsung, before that I had a dumbass iphone. I can do some things on this phone easier and faster than I can on my PC. While my phone is an important tool in my daily life, my phone conversations are still personal and private, and I only use the other functions when I am sitting down, not walking around.

  4. 6

    swampie said,

    Heh. Well, I could easily be an inconsiderate jerk. *thinking* Okay, think how much worse I would be with one of those gadgets!

    That *may* be the same phone daughter has. She showed it to me trying to lure me to the dark side.

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