Shoe Tying Success

I had a pair of combat boots and tennis shoes (those would be mine) on a card table in the kitchen for shoe tying lessons this evening. It took about 40 minutes to get success and replication of success for both boys. There were a dozen fresh Krispy Kreme donuts in a box on the table (grin) that would be awarded when success was achieved. And success would be achieved for there was no other option! I broke it down into teeny little steps. The last step, poking the loop through and then pulling both loops, was the most difficult, of course. Then it was done again. And again, for Papa, so that Papa could see and cheer for them. Then a donut from MeeMaw and computer games with Papa!

We’ll repeat it tomorrow several times with their shoes on their feet (ooh, that will be hard again), and again on Sunday. Hopefully they will remember on Monday morning!

And Mommy didn’t think I had the patience.

Update: Dylan was the first little head to pop up after dawn this morning. Zoe was actually the first to wake up before dawn. “I HUNGY!” “It’s night. Go to sleep.” “But I HUNGYYYYYYY!” “I’ll fix you a cup of milk.” Disappointed that her ploy failed, she threw herself down and went right back to sleep without drinking the chocolate milk. Heh.

I popped a left over donut on the plate for Dylan this morning. He was SHOCKED. “But MEEMAW! I haven’t even tied my shoes ten times yet! I have to do that first, you know!” I begged his pardon, and watched while he tied his shoe ten times. Meanwhile, brother Jacob woke up, grabbed HIS shoe, and came to the table to tie.

I’m gonna need more donuts.


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    Brilliant! I knew you could do it, but I never considered Krispy Kreme might be part of it…hmmm…you wanna teach me to tie my shoes, too? 8)

  2. 4

    kae said,

    Krispy Kreme?

    I’ll take some lessons, too. But do you have encouragement awards to mark progress?

  3. 6

    kae said,

    Mmm, Okay.

    I’ll just have to be successful every time to get a Krispy Kreme!


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