Busy Weekend

The boys (and Zoe) had been inside due to torrential rain all. weekend. long. They were a bit exuberant. I was teaching the boys to tie their shoes, had newly hatched and hatching chicks in an incubator that needed to be moved to a brooder, sheep baaing in hunger because their pastures were under water, outside chicks perishing from drowning and hypothermia, meals to prepare, and I even had to bring in a half-grown duckling that had gotten so cold and wet from the rain that it was near death. I had to warm and dry it with a hairdryer, then put it in a box wrapped in a raggy T-shirt warm out of a dryer. I threw the T-shirt back into the dryer three times to rewarm it to rewrap the duck before it was warm enough to start shivering to bring up its own body heat. An older hen that was molting and was perhaps unable to fly because of that (or because of her advanced age) sought shelter on the ground underneath an overhang but perished in the night probably due to hypothermia. There were occasional tropical storm force winds blowing cold rain and the ground under the overhang was covered with cold water where I found her lifeless body huddled. Poor old girl.

Late Sunday morning I came back inside from turning out the sheep, lambs, feeding the rabbits, and checking various pens. As soon as I walked inside, Jacob asked “Did you KNOW, MeeMaw, that a jaguar’s jaws are the strongest of all the big cats?” Simultaneously, Dylan started demanding that I find a particular video game, and Zoe was yelling for me to pick her UP UP UP UP UP! “STOP!” I demanded. “I can’t pay attention to everybody at the same time!”

“Honey,” suggested SwampMan quietly. “Maybe you need to go take a drive or something and get away for a little while.” Hmmmmm. Guess that demand to STOP sounded a little hysterical or something.

“That would be nice!” I said. “However, I need to fix lunch for everybody, get started on dinner, then go outside and do some feeding, pen moving, and egg gathering, then come inside and make sure everybody gets a bath with actual water and soap, move the chicks into a brooder, load the dishwasher again, make sure Zoe gets her nap, try and get a pathway cleared to walk through the toys, and make sure the boys get a chance to practice their shoe tying.”

Well. I got everything done that I set out to do except let the boys practice their shoe tying under supervision. The first opportunity they got was to tie their shoes when it was time to go home that evening. Jacob apparently (and I did not check the results) tied his shoes with ease but, like I said, I didn’t look at the results. Dylan did not come off the porch where he was tying his shoes, and I went to check. He was sitting there crying with only one shoe on because he couldn’t remember the first step. *sigh* Poor little guy. I tried to get him to put his OTHER sock and shoe on before proceeding, but he could not do that. The offending shoe must be tied first. I coached him through it, then the other shoe.

I didn’t want to confuse those new to shoe tying by introducing too many methods at once, but maybe I was remiss. After all, I’m used to teaching children that have learning difficulties. Maybe I should have taught about three different methods and let each one choose their favorite. I asked SwampMan how he tied his shoes. “What do you mean? Isn’t there only one way?”

“No, I teach my three favorite variations, but there are several methods.”

“Well, I dunno. I don’t remember when or how I learned.”

“Show me.”

So, he demonstrated the method where one makes a loop, then goes under, over, around, and through which was the first method I taught. I showed him the bunny ears variation which some children find easier. He told me that he thought too many ways too quickly would be confusing. Plus, of course, he thought that the way he learned (and the way I learned, and therefore the method I taught first) was, of course, the best. But it may not be the best for Dylan. And it’s nearly one in the morning but the thought of that poor little guy sitting there on the porch crying haunts me.

UPDATE: I talked to SwampDaughter this morning, and my worrying was for naught. Dylan proudly showed Mommy how he could tie his shoes, and she did not have to. Jacob did it like he’d been doing it his entire life. FINALLY there’s something that Dylan learned to do in his life when he was younger than Jacob!

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  1. 1

    jenny said,

    Poor D! I’m sure he will be fine. I will let you know after I drop the kids off. I need to head to your house this week and get a proper resume worked out so that I can get out of hell, uh.. I mean my job asap. One perk over the weekend is that I have a complete list of Vet office fax numbers in this area. Like 300 different numbers. Soooo BOOYAH!

    • 2

      swampie said,

      Sounds good to me! I was worried that you were doing an overnight again. I can show you some shoe-tying variations that you may not know to show Dyllie.

    • 3

      swampie said,

      Any day that fits your schedule since you only have one off.

    • 4

      swampie said,

      And double crap, I just realized that you’ll only see the kids for an hour in the afternoon this week. That just sucks.

      • 5

        jendaisy said,

        Yup. And tomorrow. And Friday. This is not a good schedule. I applied for a scrub job and want to do a few others asap.

      • 6

        swampie said,

        Yeah, there’s not that many more years that the kids will actually want to see you before they become teens and you become The Evil Dr. No. Zoe was lookin’ up at me with her big blue eyes and saying Sunday “MeeMaw, I want see Mommy. Pleeeeeease?” It is a good thing that Patrick only has drill once a month!

        The boys were playing soldiers (Nazis versus cowboys, Indians, Infantrymen, and various Roman-type soldiers). Zoe grabbed an Indian warrior with long hair, a spear, and a breechcloth, and said that was her Mommy guy. She was very upset when she dropped Mommy in the truck and we couldn’t find her/him. They supposedly picked up all those soldiers, warriors and Legos before they left but my feet are still finding them this morning.

  2. 7

    jenny said,

    Hey- can you see if there are any spots for a hair cut Wednesday?? I just have to leave by 230 to pick up kids. So the earlier the better.

    • 8

      jenny said,

      Oh, I emailed my availability for the next 2 weeks. Didn’t ask. Just said I was unavailable for Tuesdays since the next two Tuesdays are the boys birthday. And I may be unavailable on Tuesdays in general unless I get a Friday off instead….

    • 10

      swampie said,

      Yeah, no problem. Hey, I talked to your bro on Facebook last night under your name (grin). Maybe I SHOULD get an account. Hate to, though. He was really nice to you! He was kinda sad, I think, about being away from home and working such long hours.

      • 11

        kcduffy said,

        Swampie, even Duffy got a FB acct last week. So look us up, if you do. I promise not to post avalanches of infuriating stoopid stuff! 8)

      • 12

        swampie said,

        Well, I’ll see if they’ll let me be swampie or swampwoman.

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