The IRS Targeted ALL Tea Party Groups

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Per the IG, the IRS targeted ALL groups with the name of Tea Party, Patriots, etc.

Salient points:

•70% of applications for tax-exempt status by all organizations of any kind were approved in fiscal year 2010
•Over an 18-month period, all applicants with the words “Tea Party” in their names were reviewed; later, “Patriots” and “9/12” were added; other names included “We The People”
•58% of the groups chosen for review received requests for information from the IRS that were “unnecessary,” including the names of donors and “the type of conversations and discussions members and participants” had at meetings

•Because of the additional scrutiny applied to these groups, many experienced significant delays that entitled them to sue the IRS
•Because of the selection criteria based on names and conservative policy positions, some other politicized groups were missed by the IRS
•Senior IRS officials claim the wrongdoing was not instigated “by any individual or organization outside the IRS”
•There was “ineffective oversight by management” over the review process
•Officials in the Exempt Organizations division disagreed with some of the findings of the Treasury IG.

Rogue employees going off on their own? Still believe in fairy tales, too?

Gateway Pundit brings us this from Senator CHUCK SHUMER’s website:

A group of seven Senate Democrats urged the Internal Revenue Service on Monday to impose a strict cap on the amount of political spending by tax-exempt, nonprofit groups.

The senators said the lack of clarity in the IRS rules has allowed political groups to improperly claim 501(c)4 status and may even be allowing donors to these groups to wrongly claim tax deductions for their contributions. The senators promised legislation if the IRS failed to act to fix these problems.

“We urge the IRS to take these steps immediately to prevent abuse of the tax code by political groups focused on federal election activities. But if the IRS is unable to issue administrative guidance in this area then we plan to introduce legislation to accomplish these important changes,” the senators wrote.

The letter was signed by Senators Charles E. Schumer, Michael Bennet, Sheldon Whitehouse, Jeff Merkley, Tom Udall, Jeanne Shaheen and Al Franken. It follows an earlier letter, sent to the IRS by the same of group of senators last month, that also urged the IRS to better enforce rules pertaining to 501(c)4 organizations.

These are the people that are now in charge of your health care. They decide, not you, not your doctors, whether you, your spouse, your child, or your mother gets a lifesaving operation. Think about it.


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    Gayle said,

    Hi Deb,
    I couldn’t remember the name of your blog. Jennie just told me. How have you been? I have 9 grandkids now. Mark is 18 on down to Charlotte, who is 5 months. Yes, Michelle finally had a baby. She’s adorable. I’m working full time at school. I’m an aid in the 5th grade. We ONLY HAVE 8 DAYS LEFT!!! I’m not excited! HAHA! Tell me what’s going on with you.

    • 2

      swampie said,

      WHAT??? You have an 18-year-old grandson!?? When folks used to say “time flies”, I sorta thought it flitted around slowly like a butterfly, not like the SR-71 Blackbird. Nine grandkids? I can barely keep up with birthdays for FOUR!

      I was out of leave time at work and, truthfully, totally tired of it, so I’ve been unemployed since the end of February. Woohooo! The downside is, of course, that I’m totally broke. I *thought* I’d have lots of time but somehow I’m busier than ever. We have five more days of school here!

    • 3

      swampie said,

      Heh. Jen was the only relative that knew that I blog.

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