Breakfast Brunch

This morning, we had omelettes for breakfast. SwampMan is pretty sick of eggs, but what the heck. I have lots of eggs, and I need to get rid of them because the fridge is full (of eggs).

I chopped green bell peppers and onions for the omelettes. Sometimes they contain salad peppers or jalapenos, but this morning all I had on hand were bell peppers. Oh, well.

I sprayed a little no-stick oil cooking spray on my no stick pan. I actually had some on hand! A lot of times, my no-stick cooking spray has been taken out to the barn (by me) to coat forms for something that I had thought of making out of concrete. The weather has been somewhat inimical for concrete for a few days, so I actually had a full can on hand inside the house. I mixed up my 5 eggs and milk for the omelettes, threw a little (okay, a lot) of salt in, then looked at the heating pan again. It needed something….like pesto sauce. So, I drizzled some pesto sauce on the bottom of the pan. Yeah. That should do it.

I poured in about 3 eggs’ worth of omelette into the pan for SwampMan. I scattered about a handful of chopped bell peppers and onions throughout the omelette so that they would be incorporated all the way through. After it set up a bit, I added shredded Italian-blend cheese, more bell peppers and onions, and chopped ham. Then I folded it in half, put the lid on the skillet to keep more heat in so the thang would cook all the way through, flipped it over on the other side to cook a bit more, and presented SwampMan with a gargantuan omelette and a bottle of hot sauce.

Then I cooked mine, which was an even puffier version, for I keep the lid on when the omelette is doing the initial setting. I want both sides cooked through thoroughly, thenk-you-veddy-much.

Omelettes are just so versatile! SwampMan likes to have his stuffed with leftover Chinese veggies if we’ve had Chinese stir-fried veggies the night before. I like leftovers from the fajitas at the Mexican place in mine. I like spinach leaves with mushrooms, onions, and parmesan cheese and pesto in the middle, too.

What’s your favorite omelette stuffing?

If those damn roosters don’t shut the hell up outside my window, THEY’RE going to be an omelette stuffing.

Just went outside and whacked the rooster on the tail with a sheep crook. I LOVE my sheep crooks. They’re very versatile, too, both as a sheep-catching tool and a formidable weapon for whacking noisy roosters. Every household should have one.


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