Lunch With K.C. and Pixie

K.C of Pixie Place II and I met up for lunch again Thursday. We have such a good time when we get together!

K.C.’s little granddaughter is such a beautiful and well-behaved child! She sat there patiently through TWO HOURS of us discussing the problems facing our country and the probable outcomes. My grandsons would have been engaged in a knock-down drag out fight with each other long before then.

I used the opportunity to ask questions about her stealth camping where she and her husband go out wilderness camping with hammocks and tarps. Fascinating! I asked questions like “Aren’t you afraid of getting hit by lightning when you’re swinging there between trees like a big ol’ spider during a thunderstorm?” She said that she’d never heard of it happening, and there are hundreds of folks that do the hammock camping.

We’ve had several trees killed and/or set ablaze, had a hog in a pond zapped, and had a big tree split and squash a sheep taking shelter from the storm underneath. I didn’t say any of that, of course. Until now (grin). I just wonder what would happen if you’re hanging there in your hammock, minding your own business, and your tree gets zapped? I don’t want to have the hammock melt into me. Maybe it’s like birds on the electric wires. As long as you don’t touch the ground, you’ll be okay.

Her camping ability with minimalist equipment and outdoorsman (woman?) knowledge would be very useful in a SHTF situation, and they’re passing the knowledge on to their grandchild. They do kayaking trips and hike trails. I am impressed with their fitness, skill and knowledge and have the uneasy feeling that this is something that we should be doing for our grandchildren, too.

I might try sleeping outside in a hammock overnight here at the house just to try it out. There are some big maple trees fairly close together, but there is concrete underneath the space between them. Hmmmm. Not a good place for a restless sleeper, probably. There are also occasional snakes in the trees, so I need to ask her how snakeproof one o’ those things are, because I do not want a six-foot rat snake joining me in the hammock in the dark. Nope, nope, nope.


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