It’s Time To Do Something Real Now

My lil’ grandson Dylan joined me yesterday in moving chickens, feeding, and catching and relocating the chicks of free range hens with hidden nests to a hawk-free and fox-free environment.

It was his turn at computer to play his favorite video games, Cool Math 4 Kids. I have to do timed turns, or his bigger brother will hog my computer. “What’s wrong, Dyllie? Did Jacob make you leave the computer again?” Big brothers are good at that. I feel obligated to enforce his rights until he’s big enough to do it on his own.

“No, MeeMaw. I let Jacob play because it was time to go do something real!” he informed me.

“Time to go do something real.” Isn’t it interesting that a little just-turned 6-year-old boy can determine the difference between fantasy and reality much better than his older brother who does better in school? There are a lot of much older folks that either can’t determine the difference or who prefer living in a fantasy world than the real world. I like unicorns, too, but at the end of the day, I know that they’re not real.

We have too many people that are living in a fantasy-based world and seemingly can’t look ahead to the consequences of their actions. Perhaps it is because the state intervenes to protect them from any such consequences.


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