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I HATE Vomit.

I made dinner for the kids tonight, homemade pizza. The kids usually LOVE pizza. Not so much tonight.

“I feel sick, MeeMaw!” Dylan complained. “My tummy hurts!”

“Well, maybe you’re hungry! Eat some pizza!”

He started crying, tears falling down his cheeks. “No, MeeMaw, I feel like I’m going to throw up! I just want some plain milk and to lay down.”

Jacob, meanwhile, was just sitting there staring at his pizza.

“Jacob, what’s wrong?”

“I think I’m going to throw up.”

“Well, go to the bathroom to throw up! Do NOT throw up on the table!” I ordered. As he went into the hallway, I yelled “AND BE SURE TO LIFT THE TOILET…. (loud retching noises) *sigh*….seat.”

I went into the bathroom. The toilet seat was covered with chunks. Jacob closed the lid onto the chunky toilet seat. “I’m going to go lay down, now, Meemaw!” he told me.

“Not so fast, slick. You gots some cleanin’ to do first. Here’s the Lysol and some paper towels. Clean that seat and that lid.” Cleaning sounds from bathroom. “And when you finish, put the paper towels in the trash. Do NOT flush… *sounds of flushing, along with an ‘oops’* *sigh* the paper towels down the toilet.”

“Ummmmm…” said Jacob. “Yeah, I know, you accidentally flushed the towels, right?”

“Yeah.” We both stared at the toilet for awhile. Jacob was all pale greenish under his tan.

“Do you need to lie down?”

“Yes. I still don’t feel good.”

After another massive vomiting episode, I called their Mommy at work.

“Hey, uh, what did they have for lunch today?”

“Oh, man, I’ve been chewing ice chips to keep from throwing up all evening. I thought it was just me since you hadn’t called yet.”

It’s nearly 1 a.m., and I’m watching them sleep. I’m afraid if I go to sleep, there will be episodes of projectile vomiting all over, but I’m afraid I’m just going to have to chance it.

Update: Yep. It’s 1:10 a.m., and I’ve just had to change the sheets because Jacob vomited in his sleep.

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