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Short Hiatus

My lack of posts lately is not indicative of a lack of interest, health problems, summer doldrums or anything angst ridden. Nope. It is completely financially related.

We knew there was going to be a shortfall in our finances during the summer months. I wasn’t working this summer for family reasons, and there were several unexpected expenses to be met solely with SwampMan’s check. “No problem”, we said. “We’ll produce something to sell”, we said. But there were so many things to be done, and so many repairs to be made, not to mention grandkids to play with, that we didn’t get around to actually producing anything. I will not even mention that SwampMan is a perfectionist that is still tweaking the CNC router for even more excellent results. *sigh*

“No problem!” I said. “I’ll sell some sheep!” But it rained. And rained. And rained. And we cannot actually get a trailer back to load up sheep for sale. It will take about two weeks of dry weather before that can be attempted (and maybe longer). Meanwhile, I need to buy feed because a lot of pasture is underwater, and my sheep (and chickens) ain’t got no snorkeling equipment for underwater grazing. Did I mention that feed prices are at an all-time high? And our bank account is somewhere in the zero range?

“No problem!” SwampMan said. “We’ll load up some of this scrap metal we have lying about from our previous business, and sell THAT.” But the tractor isn’t working very well. It is old, worn out, and the parts are really expensive. Much like us! And we can’t load very much on a trailer at a time by hand (see the old worn out decrepit part about us again) because, well, it is WET out there. AND the trailer and truck will get stuck. SwampMan had to pull the trailer out of a wet spot it was stuck in yesterday, and accidentally popped two tires on it when he hit a piece of dropped metal he didn’t see. Ouch. A whole day’s work went to buy new tires!

We won’t even get into the arguments about what should stay and what should go. “NO! That piece of metal will make a beautiful table base!” (That would be me.) “Do you want to eat next week?” (That would be SwampMan.) “What about these stupid engines?” (me) “We might need them someday!” (him) “How about this rebar?” (him) “That’s for my concrete stuff! TOUCH IT AND DIE!” (me) “How about your old van?” (him) “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” (me) “How about your old Blazer?” (me) “Maybe.” (him)

So, we have another couple days before SwampMan goes back to work (and the grandkids come back for the weekend) to get a couple thousand dollars’ worth of funds acquired. He won’t actually get paid again until mid-August, and he (along with every other teacher) will put in at least a week’s worth of unpaid labor getting lesson plans, etc., ready for the upcoming school year. The morning’s rain might be done for now, and I need to get to work before the afternoon rain arrives. Later, y’all.

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