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What We Did Last Week

In the past week, we’ve loaded/taken to the scrap metal buyers approximately 13,000 lbs. of steel. I dropped a beam on my foot, have a broken finger so I won’t be flipping anybody off for awhile, and am covered in cuts and bruises. SwampMan was practically injury free until he sliced his arm open very nicely this morning, about a 6″ gash. We both suffered heat exhaustion toward the end of last week and had to take a day off because we were too sick to continue the next morning.

I have to say that it is looking much nicer around SwampMan’s barn. Our neighbor groused to me that she wished that HER husband would get rid of some of his metal stuff lying about, but he feels like he might need it someday. SwampMan pointed out, correctly, to the woman that it wasn’t HIM that had dragged his feet on getting rid of pieces of buildings and such, it was ME. I admitted my fault, but in my defense said that I keep thinking that the economy will turn around, and we could go back into business again. SwampMan and the neighbor woman both scoffed loudly because, let’s face it, if the economy were a dog, it would have been put to sleep by now. “Besides”, they both agreed “nobody in their right minds would have employees now”.

It’s now 11 p.m. The temperature inside the house has cooled off to 81 degrees. I went to Winn Dixie earlier in the evening for dog and cat food. I started feeling really hungry in the air conditioning. I came out of the store with salmon, peanuts, potato chips, various cream cheese flavors, celery, etc. When I got home in the heat and started unpacking the groceries, I was not feeling well. Just the THOUGHT of salmon makes me want to hurl now. I sat down with a small bowl of salty chips and, when the bowl was finished, I was feeling a little better. I just needed to replenish my salt.

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