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“Working” Interviews

It has come to my attention that many employers, during the hiring process, insist on “working” interviews. “What is a working interview?” you may ask, if you, like me, are used to getting something called a “paycheck” in return for labor expended. So I will enlighten you. A working interview is when you go into the employer and perform the job requirements for a certain amount of time for no pay to “prove” that you can do it. Other prospective employees will also be coming in during other time periods to “work” for no pay.

In theory, the person that shows the most amount of work in the least amount of time should get the job. My cynical self (oh, hush!) thinks that usually the job is going to go to the boss’s BFF’s son’s girlfriend regardless of work ethic shown and the other candidates are known as “suckers!” because they’ve expended their time and their money and even taken time off from (paying) jobs in order to compete for free for this position.

I’ve only got one comment about this. WHY, oh, WHY didn’t I think of this scam when I was hiring people? Noooooo, I had to do it the usual way, hiring people the going wage for their expertise in a certain area of construction only to find out, when they arrived to work, that they had never actually SEEN wet concrete before, let alone possessing the skills required for pouring and finishing it. *sigh* “Here’s your hour’s wage. Go away and buy crack.” I often thought that I should just hand out crack and/or marijuana instead of a paycheck and it would be a win/win situation for everybody concerned since their entire paycheck was going to the drug dealers anyway.

This “working interview” thing has potential. For example, if I want veterinary care, I should be able to take Puppy to various veterinarians and have them prove their expertise in Puppy’s medical problems by doing procedures for free so that I can evaluate their work. But wait, there’s more! I might want plastic surgery. Perhaps I can go around to various plastic surgeons, interview them, then schedule free mini procedures for myself while I decide on which one is perfect for youthifying my body. How about restaurants? How do we know whether the food is good if we haven’t eaten there? We need to schedule a time for free appetizers and samples from their menu. I can have housepainters out to paint sections of my house while I decide which company or individual does the best job.

Something tells me that the people that demand free labor from prospective employees wouldn’t be too happy about providing free labor for customers.

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Blogger Breakfast

KC (of Pixie Place II), her granddaughter, and I met for breakfast and a ceremonial exchange of eggs and dehydrated spaghetti yesterday. She gave me money, too, and I was so busily gabbing (imagine that!) that I forgot to give her change. I intended to hand her change over to her as I paid my tab, but I absent-mindedly stuffed it in my wallet because the conversation was so scintillating. (Hunh. The school kids say that NOBODY ever uses words like that in real life. So there.)

KC dehydrates food like spaghetti and meatballs for taking on camping trips. It has never occurred to me to dehydrate complete meals. I suppose it is because SwampMan’s knee problems prevent us from going anywhere in which actual walking is required, so we are not hiking into remote areas where the only food is that which we carry on our back. If I had to carry, say, two weeks’ worth of food on my back, I suppose I would get those pre-packaged hiker meal things which are EXPENSIVE. KC is way smarter than THAT.

I really, really like meeting up with KC. I always learn something interesting! My contribution to the conversation? How to take care of a quadriplegic sheep. I’m going to have to become more interesting STAT or I’ll be breakfasting alone soon.

I actually got to breakfast first this time (imagine that!) and immediately started worrying that I’d told her the wrong restaurant in which to meet. My phone no longer functions properly since I dropped it in the surf. Somebody in manufacturing needs to anticipate that I will drop my cheapass phone in the salt water at some point and properly harden electronics against this eventuality, but maybe I should just suck it up and purchase another phone. It will still text, however, and I was able to text her as to my location. I can still hear other people calling ME on my phone. Nobody, though, can hear ME respond. This could be a feature, I suppose.

I don’t know that a several hundred dollar phone would still continue to do any of its many functions if it got dropped into the surf. My brother’s Iphone is pretty damn pissy about mistreatment. My son has killed any number of expensive phones, as has my daughter. Taking delicate care of small electronic items is obviously missing from our shared genetic background. My phones have been replaced not because they have broken (this would be the first), but because they have been dropped into concrete, etc. I have been thinking about upgrading to a $25 phone, but I dunno. I’m thinking about just keeping my broken phone because that way I don’t have to talk to anybody about where I am and why I ain’t cookin’ his dinner.

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