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KC (of Pixie Place II), her granddaughter, and I met for breakfast and a ceremonial exchange of eggs and dehydrated spaghetti yesterday. She gave me money, too, and I was so busily gabbing (imagine that!) that I forgot to give her change. I intended to hand her change over to her as I paid my tab, but I absent-mindedly stuffed it in my wallet because the conversation was so scintillating. (Hunh. The school kids say that NOBODY ever uses words like that in real life. So there.)

KC dehydrates food like spaghetti and meatballs for taking on camping trips. It has never occurred to me to dehydrate complete meals. I suppose it is because SwampMan’s knee problems prevent us from going anywhere in which actual walking is required, so we are not hiking into remote areas where the only food is that which we carry on our back. If I had to carry, say, two weeks’ worth of food on my back, I suppose I would get those pre-packaged hiker meal things which are EXPENSIVE. KC is way smarter than THAT.

I really, really like meeting up with KC. I always learn something interesting! My contribution to the conversation? How to take care of a quadriplegic sheep. I’m going to have to become more interesting STAT or I’ll be breakfasting alone soon.

I actually got to breakfast first this time (imagine that!) and immediately started worrying that I’d told her the wrong restaurant in which to meet. My phone no longer functions properly since I dropped it in the surf. Somebody in manufacturing needs to anticipate that I will drop my cheapass phone in the salt water at some point and properly harden electronics against this eventuality, but maybe I should just suck it up and purchase another phone. It will still text, however, and I was able to text her as to my location. I can still hear other people calling ME on my phone. Nobody, though, can hear ME respond. This could be a feature, I suppose.

I don’t know that a several hundred dollar phone would still continue to do any of its many functions if it got dropped into the surf. My brother’s Iphone is pretty damn pissy about mistreatment. My son has killed any number of expensive phones, as has my daughter. Taking delicate care of small electronic items is obviously missing from our shared genetic background. My phones have been replaced not because they have broken (this would be the first), but because they have been dropped into concrete, etc. I have been thinking about upgrading to a $25 phone, but I dunno. I’m thinking about just keeping my broken phone because that way I don’t have to talk to anybody about where I am and why I ain’t cookin’ his dinner.


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    kcduffy said,

    Reblogged this on Pixie Place II and commented:
    I had a ball…got home from breakfast just in time for lunch! Time flies when I’m with Swampie…and don’t let her self-effacing discussion of her conversational skills fool you – when Swampie talks about caring for a quadriplegic sheep, it’s going to be the most interesting thing you’ll hear all day!
    The brilliance of dehydrating food is Duffy’s idea. The pre-packaged ones – even the best of them – are heavy, very expensive, and NEVER as good as home-cooking, or even canned or prepared food from your favorite restaurant! I’ve done canned corned beef hash (Duffy sez you might want to eat it in the dark, but it TASTES good), homemade slow-cooker chicken taco rice, Wendy’s chili, and Chipotle’s burrito bowl with no cheese, no sour cream and no lettuce. They were all good!

    Now, I need a shower. Thanks for stopping by!
    I love going to see SwampWoman. Best part of my week. Gave me incentive to get out and mow this morning, when it was only mid-80s, not 90F!

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    kae said,

    9 & 10
    Swampie, come the famine us, um, well-rounded people will be the ones who survive!
    I want to walk, but my ankles are letting me down badly…

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