Obama is a Malevolent Boob

Listen to Obama’s statement (while on perpetual vacation) about the Muslim Brotherhood. Ah, yes. Obama, who directed the illegal IRS probes of the Tea Party and Romney campaign contributors is worried about people’s rights. (Oh, please. You know damn well he did it. I’ve worked for the IRS previously, and nobody ever said anything like “Hey, let’s all screw a certain class of taxpayers!”) Obama, the architect of Fast and Furious (what, you think Eric Holder did this under his own initiative?) and the cause of hundreds of Mexican civilian deaths, deplores violence. Obama, the Prince of Benghazi who knowingly put his State Department representatives in harms way, refused to send help, and who, according to FOREIGN press accounts, let terrorists capture over 400 SAMs, is worried about the effect of war on civilians. That would be Muslim Brotherhood civilians, of course, not the civilians that might be riding on passenger planes.

He is not at all concerned about the death tolls among the Christians that the Muslim Brotherhood is happily slaughtering. No, that’s not how he rolls.

How much did the Muslim Brotherhood illegally contribute to his campaign, anyway?

Yeah, I’m sure everybody in the Middle East is going to sleep more soundly at night knowing that Obama and his representative, John Fraudulent Purple Heart Kerry, are keeping an indolent eye on events. Well, in between golf games, vacations, picture opportunities, yachting expeditions, and screwing over the real enemy, Americans.


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    ligneus said,

    ‘Malevolent boob’. Best description of him I’ve heard so far.

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