Happy Day for Daughter

Daughter heard of a job opening (through word of mouth) from a county where it is notoriously difficult to get a job. The job had not yet been posted. She applied and was called in for an interview. They checked her references the day after the interview, then called her to come in before a morning meeting at her present job, had her show them a few procedures, then she had to rush to make the meeting. Later that day, they called her in to do a drug test on Friday and made her a conditional job offer pending results of the drug test. She worried all weekend about accepting the job offer because her place of employment has problems keeping people. She went in over the weekend for a shift that might end in 12 hours or 17 hours, depending on emergencies, with no lunch or dinner break. Management staff were busily talking behind the backs of people that were not there, casting aspersions on people’s work and blaming people not there for everything that went wrong. She realized, as she had in the past, that they talked about her that way in her absence as well. She hates unprofessionalism and people that like to stir up drama for fun. She made her decision.

This morning, the place that she applied called and offered her the job. Congratulations, former creature of the night, for your reemergence into the light of day!

I have to say that I’m quite happy about her (pending) change. I was worried about daddy’s diligence in overseeing homework while she was working nights and he was picking up kids from school and daycare, cooking dinner, doing his own homework, taking kids to after school activities, and supervising three young children. Daughter multitasks a bit better, plus they can split the chores. The location of the job that she’s given notice to is not the safest, either, and I worried about that, too.

She called me for advice on writing a letter of resignation. “Do you want to destroy your bridges? Nuke them into rubble, then pour gas over the ashes? Then set that on fire, and explode the ashes?” I asked, hopefully, because I’m really good at that.

“No, just a professional letter of resignation. I just wanted you to listen to it and suggest any changes.”

*sigh* Well, maybe someday my talents will be needed. But not today.


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