It Is A VERY Sad Day for Grandsons

First day of school 2013-14 Dylan and Jacob The First Day of School has arrived. I can feel the excitement!

Well, their Mommy (and sister Zoe) are currently jumping around the living room yelling PARTY TIME and celebrating by eating Fruit Loops and watching Dora, no doubt.

The odd looking thing in Dylan’s hand is the ear of corn from his popcorn seedling that he brought home at the end of school last year. He’s excited (though you can’t tell!) to show his teacher. They were up at 0 dark thirty a.m. to be sure and be ready. They should be ready to fall asleep by second period!

Piper and Phoebe first day of schoolThe (identical) twin greatnieces are ready for their first day of school. I pity the staff trying to tell them apart!


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  1. 1

    ligneus said,

    I always wanted to be a twin and I wanted to have twins, no luck on either, I’m jealous! Aren’t they cute?

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    They are definitely a double pack of mischief!

  3. 3

    ligneus said,

    Talking of sad days, here is English novelist Penelope Fitzgerald on the occasion of her daughters’ leaving home for University.

    ‘Autumn: Departure of Daughters’

    Oh my dark & light brown daughters
    When you go to find new faces
    Our place & me are put in our places
    Our place may take what name it pleases —
    It stares & stares, and all it sees is
    That it is not a home.
    Oh my dark & light brown daughters
    When you go to find new places
    Our place must face that it has no faces —
    Tidiness, emptiness and peace is
    All it has, and all it sees is
    That it is not a home

  4. 5

    ligneus said,

    btw, for anyone here not familiar with Penelope Fitzgerald, here is something about her.

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