Thrift Store Shopping

Zoe Thrift Store TreasuresSwampdaughter and Zoe came to the house to pick me up to go thrift store shopping and out to lunch. I LOVE to go to thrift stores. You NEVER know what you’re going to find. Today we found alligator purses (but in the $300 – $500 price range, so we passed on THOSE). I picked up a pair of jeans that was not too short and not too tall but juuuuuust right, a lovely dark red leather Day-Timer cover, and three pairs of shoes.

Well, I *really* needed some new(ish) shoes, for my around-the-house shoes were horrible. We’re talking flapping soles here. My brother had left a pair of Reeboks at my house to be thrown away because he’d spilled tar on them. I’d been wearing them to feed the livestock. They were in better shape than mine, even though they were 3″ longer, so just sayin’. I kept forgetting when I went into town that I needed to look for shoes since when I go into town it is usually to a hardware store. Not much of a shoe selection there. I did have one pair of acceptable sneakers and a pair of leather boots to wear when I went out in public so that I didn’t completely embarrass and humiliate the family.

So, now I have THREE pair of shoes that can be worn around the house but are in good enough shape for wear-to-town shoes. They weren’t high end shoes, but were barely or never worn. There’re a pair of light weight hiking shoes from Lands End, a pair of leather catamaran boating shoes, and New Balance running shoes. They’d be about $180 new if there weren’t a sale. I paid $23. (Happy dance.) I would have had to pay more than that for just the New Balance running shoes but I’d have felt really bad if a sheep peed on them and I purchased them NEW at full price. The sheep can freely pee on them all they want since each pair cost less than a pair of dollar store shoes.

As for the Day-Timer thing, I asked my daughter sadly if she ever thought that I’d need a planner like that again, for I used to use mine constantly for work several years ago to keep track of meetings, appointments, billing, etc. “Probably NOT!” she said. I knew what she was thinking. I would just have to suck it up and get an adult phone and put all my information in THERE. That’s what she does. That is what all her friends do. That is SO not happening. I went ahead and bought it even though I don’t know if I’ll want to put the money into buying the guts for it. But, hey, it was less than $3.50. I can put crossword puzzle material in it, take it to Whataburger when I’m eating, open it up, and PRETEND I’m a useful and productive member of society, right? I could carry it with me and put coupons in it along with my grocery store list (which I usually forget so I bring home weird things). I could put ammo in there.

SwampDaughter was picking up T-shirts for the boys, so she ended up with three pairs of jeans, four T-shirts each for the boys, and Zoe’s thrift store picks for a couple dollars more than what I paid. Hmmmmmm. She did only pick labels that were half off that day. I recklessly paid full (thrift store) price.

Zoe picked out a purple sparkly hat, a dog purse, and some toys for her “babies” at home. Yep, she’s having Mommy buy toys for her toys.

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    ligneus said,

    I get all my work clothes and boots, [which is practically all I’ve got!] from Goodwill and the Salvation Army Store, great places

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