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The End of a Romance

If I had been gifted with a beautiful singing voice (which I was NOT), I would have wanted it to sound like Linda Ronstadt’s voice, the voice of an angel. Had I been gifted with a beautiful face (ditto), could it ever have been as beautiful as Linda’s?

I suppose the good Lord knew what he was doing by not giving me any discernible talents WHATSOEVER (glaring at heaven because somebody’s going to have to EXPLAIN this one day), but to be able to sing without children crying “Mommy, make her STOP!” would have been wonderful.

What must it be like to have had the voice of an angel for so many years and then to have it taken away by Parkinson disease? I can’t imagine.

I was flipping through all the videos on YouTube with Linda Ronstadt trying to find my favorite. Well, they are ALL my favorites. I remembered a hard time in my youth. I was all torn up by a youthful romance that was not going well at all as young people (and the not so young) sometimes experience. I was madly in love. He was madly indifferent. I listened to this sad song on the radio and realized that no matter what I did, it would never be enough.

I walked away determined to never again try to turn myself into somebody else’s ideal and to just be me instead. That’s worked out fairly well for me even without the voice and beauty. Thanks for an era, Ms. Ronstadt.

Here’s a song I used to use as a lullabye for the kids before they got old enough to beg me to turn on the radio instead:

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