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Syrian Intervention

Not being a student of American history can be painful. For example, President Obama has been struggling to remember Teddy Roosevelt’s dictum on foreign policy “speak softly and carry a big stick”. Initially he seemed to think it was “bow a lot and throw a hissy fit”. Lately, though, he has been convinced that he made an interpretation error. The World’s Most Powerful Man™ has concluded that the most correct interpretation of what Teddy Roosevelt really meant was “stomp around and step on your dick”.

*sigh* The legacy of the Obama administration: Foreign policy through drive-by missiling because he was dissed by somebody . And he’s just going to show THEM. Whoever THEY are.

I note in passing that the killing of actual American citizens in Benghazi doing the job that he sent them to do only initiated a cover up, not retaliation of any kind.

Update: Steve has an even better example in the comments: “Speak grandly and wave a limp dick.”

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