Obama Throws Al Qaeda, Muslim Brotherhood, and Syrians Under the Bus

Okay, so let me get this straight: Kerry was cracking a joke yesterday about Assad giving up his chemical weapons, which he claims not to have, within the week in order to avert threatened military action. His State Department spokesperson confirmed that this was not a serious offer. Putin and Assad jumped on the offer from Kerry for Putin to take charge of the chemical weapons that Assad does not have. Obama said that he and Putin had been working secretly on this very agreement the entire time because his ass was about to be kicked in Congress and besides, he’d been working for nearly 15 minutes now, and it was time for a vacation again. Kerry, after assuring everybody that the military response would be an unbelievably small, limited kind of effort, today said that Assad (and Putin) capitulated because of the credible threat of force (of an unbelievably small, limited kind of effort, undoubtedly). Assad resumed bombing the suburbs because killing civilians with high explosives is better than killing them with chemicals (which he does not have) that he is turning over to the Russians who will secure them securely. You know what THAT means? It means that anybody should be able to buy their own chemical weapons on the black market shortly! The MSM credits Obama and Putin for being great statesmen.

I shit you not. These are the brilliant people running our country. Corinne Brown, a shining example of the brilliance of a certain governmental segment representing the brain damaged, said that President Obama shouldn’t go to Congress on important matters anyway. Apparently she prefers the third world dictator type of government.

I hesitate to do the face palm for fear of knocking myself unconscious.

On the surface, it appears that Obama’s Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood allies have been thrown under the bus. Isn’t that sort of like doing business with the Mafia and then double crossing them?

Update: Why is the media giving PUTIN the credit for this incredible brainstorm? I guess even they know that this is going to come back and bite somebody in the ass, and they’re busily covering that particular ass the best that they can.

Now, excuse me. I’m searching Ebay for weapons of mass destruction.


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