Obama Gives Another Lame Self-Laudatory Economic Speech

Well, my gracious. Yesterday Obama gave another lame self-laudatory economic speech in which he singlehandedly Saved Our Economy After His Election during the ongoing Navy Yard murder investigation when people did not know whether their family members were dead or alive. Wasn’t that special?

Luckily for the state of my digestion, the radio station I was listening to switched directly back to the coverage of the murders after he made a couple of remarks acknowledging the deaths at the Navy Yard. I’m glad that most of the news outlets still realized how incredibly stupid it was to cover another speech that says nothing while there is actual news to be covered. I’m also very sorrowed (but not at all surprised) to find that he didn’t even have the decency to postpone his speech during this tragedy. Yeah, sure, he values military people. Just not enough to postpone a speech about him.

The Usual Idiots in the White House and Senate are calling for gun control, not crazy people control, AGAIN. They also conveniently overlook the fact that military bases, per Bill Clinton, are gun-free areas just like schools! Washington, D.C. also has strict gun-control laws. So, the only people without guns were the good, law-abiding people with the usual consequences. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I have heard snippets of Obama’s speech. I have to take it in small doses because of the problem I have with his voice causing uncontrollable nausea, so I read it instead. I shouldn’t have bothered. It was the usual bunch of bullshit* about how much better everything is economically now than it was B.O. (before Obama) except that I can remember B.O., and it was waaaaaay better economically then. This weak psuedo recovery isn’t an actual recovery when the employment rate is still going down. Yes, yes, he can wave all those job creation statistics around, but they’re mostly part-time, low-wage jobs that are there because companies are cutting full-time employees. And we know it.

To my ear, most of the “economic” speech was a defense of Obamacare and how wonderful it is going to be for the economy, too. Yep. The government taking over healthcare is somehow good for the economy. The government requiring physicians, whether it be your dermatologist, your rheumatologist, or your cardiologist to ask questions about your sexual preferences and practices that will be sent straight to the government strikes me as being pretty damn creepy. I’m of the opinion that anything that you say can and will be used against you. Admit nothing. Volunteer nothing. Treat it like your tax return since it is going to the IRS. That’s right. Lie your ass off.

The rest of the speech was spent in threatening Republicans that if they do not give him an unlimited budget, our economy will go straight to hell.

I think a song by the Insane Clown Posse is appropriate here, because I think that is who is in charge of the government:

*Did I say bullshit? I’m sorry, I meant “unmitigated bullshit”.


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