i can’t believe i did that again

i was going to do a trash run. we don’t have garbage pickup, so i gather up all our stuff that needs to go off to the county/garbage/recycling center a couple times a week. you know, empty milk jugs, cans, bottles, jars….i decided to run hop hobble quickly through the house one last time to do a ‘quick’ declutter. snort–there ain’t no such animal as a ‘quick’ declutter at my house. okay, i hobbled quickly as possible through to pick up the easy stuff and throw it away before the grandkids arrive tomorrow.

i knocked that same bare toe on a door frame in the exact same spot with the exact same results. imagine that. it’s swelling even bigger this time. the color is bright red. the pain was of the coyote howling interspersed with creative cursing variety again.

aw, damn. i’m gonna be in clown boots tonight.

i don’t suppose anybody wants to wrap me in a blanket and rock me in a rocking chair, pat my back, and say ‘poor baby’, do you. i didn’t think so.

it must be nice going through life being all coordinated and not knocking appendages against protruding objects. i wouldn’t know about a life like that.

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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    That is an alien idea to me, too. I once fell out of an armchair. And my mum made me change places at the table cuz sure as hell I’d fall off my chair and pull the toaster down on top of me…happened once, might happen again!

  2. 2

    swampie said,

    heh. swampman saw me hobbling out and said resignedly ‘so, where am i buying you dinner tonight, red lobster’. i pointed to the clown boots. ‘nope, not red lobster then’. he laughed at me.

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