More Barrycades

Most people think that the directives to the National Park rangers to inconvenience the public as much as possible are petty harassment of families. Well, it is, but that’s just a side benefit.

The main reason for the harassment is to bankrupt the people, businesses, and states that depend upon national tourist attractions for their incomes. How else can you explain things like closing the scenic outlooks on public highways around Mt. Rushmore that were never staffed to begin with? How can you possibly explain shutting down private businesses on Federal lands that depend upon tourism, even going so far as blocking their parking lots, even though the highways through the attraction are open? How about kicking people out of their own homes that happen to be on federal lands? Yep. Elderly people, one wheelchair bound and 80 years old, were given 24 hours to vacate their own home and are now living in their ice cream shops.

The next time there’s a government shutdown, Obamacare may be the law of the land. Imagine if the hospitals are closed, patients disconnected from IVs and heart monitors, and are told to go home because some Democrat president wants more money. Think it can’t happen when doctors and nurses are all public employees just like the National Park Service?


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