Bad Week for the Halfrican Queen

This has been a bad week for the Halfrican Queen of D.C. and Princess Harry. They EXPECTED that the owners of the privately-owned businesses that were arbitrarily shut down, the thousands of people that were suddenly unemployed, the parents of the schoolchildren left stranded at school when the Park Service closed the road that their schoolbuses traveled, elderly crippled homeowners given 24 hours to vacate their homes, tourists held under armed guard in Yellowstone National Park, and the thousands of veterans whose entry to their own memorials were blocked would start demanding the blood of the GOP and the TEA Party. They could hardly wait. They even cut off the funds for the families of the people killed in action in a war that Obama escalated but not many knew about because, hey, the media isn’t interested in covering those killed in action due to a DEMOCRAT president. That meant that the families of the dead had to pay their own way to meet the bodies of their wives, husbands, children that were coming home. They were denied death benefits. THAT would surely show the eeeeeevil of the TEA Party and the GOP!

Then, after police and the park service threw veterans and families out of the National Mall, they somehow found the funds to open it for the ILLEGAL ALIENS to hold a rally there, celebrated by….wait for it….the Democrats. Some of the Democrats were ceremoniously arrested to show their solidarity with illegals, and their contempt for families and veterans. Yeah, we get it. Mmmmmhmmmmmm. Great move there, dipshits.

Meanwhile, people were astounded to find that Obama wasted more than a billion taxpayer dollars on a website that doesn’t work. And those taxpayer dollars went to a Canadian firm to design this fiasco. If suddenly uninsured people can get through the mostly nonworking website, they find that their insurance premiums are doubling and tripling while deductibles are high enough to bankrupt them, and they can’t afford the payment, let alone the deductibles. Oh, snap.

So, while the media is demanding the blood of the GOP Tea Party Terrorists, the people are giving the hairy eyeball to the Halfrican Queen and the Senate Princess and saying very uncomplimentary things about how somebody needs to engage in forcible anal insertion of Obamacare on both Reid and Obama, and how they’re going to go where they damned well please and no fucking politician is going to tell them what they can and cannot do.

What was most shocking of all to people, I believe, was that so many of the “public servants” joyfully helped to toss people out of their homes, livelihoods, and willfully endangered children. And they live there among the people that they were happily screwing. How stupid is that? Apparently they forgot, if they ever learned, that “just following orders” is not a defense.


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    Paco said,

    “Halfrican Queen”? That’s not gold; it’s platinum.

  2. 6

    Richard said,

    Your rule-by-decree “dear leader” seems to me, an observer from afar, to be a very nasty piece of work. I cannot understand how anyone thought it would be a good idea to bastardise veterans trying to visit memorials and hold tourists at gun point to prevent them from viewing scenic stuff. That’s probably not going to make many friends for America.

    The idea of closing off the viewing area on the highway for the Mt Rushmore monument is totally bizarre. That’s just the product of an evil mind.

    The people using the Nuremburg defense to justify their actions have really gone beyond what is acceptable. My natural reaction when faced with bureaucratic numbskulls like that is to tell them, forcibly, to “F- Off”. I think that might be a no-no in your neck-of-the-woods. Pity about that. It’s cathartic. If the government had been shut down, how come there were huge funds available to destroy people’s lives?

    A dear internet friend, a combat photographer from the Vietnam war, died recently after a motorbike crash. He had devoted himself to helping vets handle PTSD after he realised/accepted that he had PTSD himself. Imagining him being turned away from a vets’ memorial really pisses me off. Bob Hillerby was a good guy and the contrast with your “dear leader” is huge.

    • 7

      swampie said,

      Yep. He’s an asshole. He withheld the death benefits from the families of the dead military members even though the funds were there. That makes Hagel, the Secretary of Defense, an even bigger asshole for rolling over for it. Can you imagine the much-maligned President Bush doing something this petty? And, if he had, Don Rumsfeld standing for it? I think NOT.

      There are acts of civil disobedience happening all over the country; however, the media is suppressing news of it.

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