Grocery Store Blues

I was standing inside my local Winn-Dixie store yesterday afternoon staring at the cheeses. “I can’t believe it!” the black woman standing next to me muttered to herself as she, too, stared at the cheese prices. “Every week when I come in, the prices are higher!”

“I know!” I said as I looked at the price of 8 ounces of cheddar cheese (which was higher in price than 16 ounces used to be). “I think I’m going to have to do all my grocery shopping at Walmart.”

A white woman pushing her buggy down the aisle past us stopped. “If Walmart had a bus service running between our town and their store, they’d have it filled up every day!”

A store has opened up in town that sells expired food. It’s doing a brisk business. I see people buying over a hundred dollars’ worth of groceries at the dollar store with their EBT cards. It consists of things like off-brand peanut butter, bags of pasta, rice, sugar, flour, Koolaid for the kids (cheaper than milk) and canned goods, the survival foods of poor folk. No fresh foods.

People are in increasing financial pain as their earning ability declines and inflation and government over-regulation raises prices.


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