To Whom It May Concern: I Intend To Default

Apparently my share of the national debt, not counting unfunded entitlements, is over $123,000. Really. Isn’t THAT special. Counting the unfunded entitlements, it is closer to $500,000.

I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to be paying that when my (mandatory) health insurance premiums have increased over 75%, and that’s for coverage with deductibles high enough that I couldn’t ever afford to meet the deductible. I can’t even take out a loan to pay it because of the whole not working thing, and SwampMan has @ three to five years left in his working career before he retires. I’m afraid he’s going to have to default on his, too.

You’d think with a nation of part-time employees, the government would cut back on the spending, but nooooooo. Well. I suppose Obama and Harry Reid can pay our share. We wanted the government to have a balanced budget and did not and do not give our consent to more borrowing.


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    no2liberals said,

    Oh how I envy the Egyptians.
    They massed by the millions, forced their illegal government and President out, and ousted the MuSlime Brotherhood.
    We should follow their example to the T.

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