How’s That Supply Storage Situation?

The stripping of the Walmart store shelves after EBT cards were down (a glitch or a threat from Obama?) that took about three hours should be sounding a klaxon with red flashing DANGER signs for people paying attention.

The first lesson should be the implied threat from the U.S. government of releasing the mob for political purposes. It has happened before. Remember the whole Trayvon episode in which white people were blamed by the collaborative media and Obama because a young black self-admitted drug dealer attacked and attempted to kill a Hispanic man who responded with deadly force, as was his right? Remember how the evidence and recordings presented on television news shows were altered in order to show the opposite of what actually happened? The Department of Agriculture sent out letters saying that the food stamp program would be cut off effective November 1. Did the government HAVE to cut off the food stamp program? No. They could have cut off, say, funding for the Department of Education, but this would not cause pain among those who would riot. No, cutting of the food benefits would cause more pain because the FSA would riot immediately. Win/win for the government. The government is quite prepared to cause pain and death for innocents in order to gain more political power. If you’re one of the innocents, oh, well. You better be aware of your surroundings and prepared to defend yourself.

The second lesson should be that in the event of an emergency, real or political, the stores will be stripped bare in a couple hours. You will not be able to count on getting your life-saving medications, food, or even water. You can survive approximately three days without water, and three weeks without food. How much food (and what kind) or water should you have in storage? Well, that depends on your situation and location. The bare minimum suggested is three days. In the event of a real honest-to-gosh emergency in which law and order is completely broken, you’ll want to have your food supply well hidden from looters. Those looters could be neighbors and former friends that know that you have food and want it for their starving families. You better have a fight or flee plan in place.

The third lesson is that you cannot continue to put charges on the credit card and just pay the interest. As the debt gets bigger, the risk of default rises, and so does the interest rate. Even if the interest rate stays the same, the point will arrive in which the debt is so large that the interest rate cannot be paid because it will take all of the money you earn. Benefits will be cut. According to the government, they cannot provide essential services without borrowing. We may be closer to that point than you think.

Obama cautioned you not to listen to bloggers and instead to put your faith into the state propaganda machines, er, mainstream media in which self-defense and guns are evil, government is good, and business owners are all rich, greedy, and need to have their assets forcibly redistributed by the government.


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