Just Came In and Obama Was Lying (Again)

I came in to hear a tiny little portion of Obama’s speech about health care on the radio, about how it was soooooo affordable and high quality. Snort. Really? REALLY? Then why is it significantly higher in cost than the plans that were offered pre-Obamacare, and why are the deductibles really, REALLY high? That isn’t affordable health care. That’s robbery courtesy of the Federal government. Apparently he thinks that the people listening to his speech do not know how the difference between $400 per month and $800 per month. I guess it doesn’t matter if somebody else is paying. As the somebody else, it pisses me the hell off.

Obama appears to be some sort of pervert Robin-Hood wannabe that robs from the middle class to give a few crumbs to the poor but the majority to the rich. Oh, yeah, we have to pay HIS healthcare, which won’t be Obamacare. Well, of course. He’s a Democrat.


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    ligneus said,

    Of course he was lying, it’s one of the few things he’s good at.

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