I Want Obama Car Care!

I drive an F150 truck because I need to haul feed, lumber, fencing, and livestock. I drive a ’95 model because I like the way it looks, it works well, and it gets the job done.

Unfortunately, the maintenance costs are fairly high. I have to buy a new battery every few years. Truck tires are pretty dang expensive. Gas and oil costs are high. I spend $100 per week just in gas! That’s totally not FAIR!

My automobile insurance only covers my truck when I get in a crash or break down (if I pay the towing insurance). It should cover routine maintenance costs like gasoline, tires, batteries, windshield wipers, and oil changes. I should not have to pay an additional surcharge for towing insurance. I should not have to pay an additional surcharge for uninsured motorists. The government needs to administer this so that there are no uninsured motorists. If my truck breaks down, I want the services of a mechanic to be paid for.

What, this would be unfair for drivers of, say, hybrids that get really good gas mileage and have tiny little bicycle tires? Why should they get a free ride? It’s not FAIR. I deserve to pay the same amount for my vehicle maintenance as they do.

Of course, there is the teensiest tiny little problem in that your insurance may not be valid outside your county and definitely not outside your state.


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