You Aren’t Being Cancelled, You’re Being TRANSITIONED

Insurance companies aren’t sending out cancellation letters, they’re helping people “transition” into Obamacare, according to a top Democrat.

“If [the companies] changed [the insurance plans] then they have to notify the people who have to have the opportunity to have another policy,” said House Ways and Means Committee ranking member Sander Levin, D-Mich.

In fact, according to Levin, the “so-called cancellation notices” merely “help people transition to a new policy.”

Isn’t it convenient the way he forgets to mention that the insurance companies are being forced by government to put things in policies that many people do not want? I dunno ’bout you and yours, but my husband doesn’t need maternity benefits. Neither do I. I resent being forced into buying things that I neither want nor need. Force is not “transition”. Force is robbery.

The death panels aren’t going to deny us lifesaving treatments. No. They’re merely going to transition us to the afterlife.

H/T to Rayra at GCP

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