Am I Making Progress Yet?

The drawers in my kitchen are scrubbed and clean and oh, so neat.  Unfortunately, now the things that formerly were in the cabinets are piled on every available surface waiting to see if I have matching lids.  I’m searching as well for all the pieces to various appliances, living and dead, that were hidden in said cabinets and have gotten separated over time.  While the cabinets are being vacuumed and scrubbed, various glass and plasticware is waiting to go through the dishwasher. Well. The cabinet scrubber here works MUCH faster than the dishwasher, but the scrubber is not motivated to wash and dry all those things by hand.  The scrubber is more motivated to go outside, or to create another big mess elsewhere.

If I have so much stuff that I forget that I have some of the stuff and go out and buy replacement stuff because some of my stuff is hidden in a plastic avalanche, well, I have too much stuff.  I need to go through and g-g-give some of it away.

I told daughter what I was doing, and she immediately told me that she would take all of my duplicate, unneeded, unwanted, or unloved dishes off my hands. “I hope you get rid of a lot of your pots and pans!” she told me. “I don’t have nearly enough.”

Well. Somebody offering to take my dishes off my hands elicits an immediate visceral reaction from me much like, I suppose, a dragon would react to a human offering to take some of that yucky, messy gold out of its lair so that it will have more room. I want to cuddle all of my precious dishes safely around me and then breathe fire on anybody that dares try to take so much as one of my precious casserole dishes or frying pans away from me.

But, the sad fact is that the kitchen is overcrowded. My pots and pans don’t wear out, no matter how many times I accidentally set them on fire,  because I buy quality. Except for cookie sheets.  I buy cheapass cookie sheets and then toss them away when they get rusty.  I used to buy expensive cookie sheets, but they got rusty, too.  It made me a lot madder when I paid more for them.

Maybe my reaction to the dishes/pots and pans is what they represent to me. When the kids were young and I had a spare dollar or twenty, I didn’t buy pretty shoes or a new outfit.  I purchased a new cookery item or utensil for the kitchen.  Now, it’s just a worthless pile of crap to sort through on the floor but, to me, it’s the memory of sacrifice and big family meals.


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    kcduffy said,

    Duffy always says I have too much stuff in the kitchen. Until I equated my kitchen stuff to his motorcycle parts and tools. He hasn’t said I have too much since!

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