Investigating Weight Loss Myths So You Ain’t Gotta

As y’all know, I investigated the green coffee bean extract tablets and weight loss to the best of my ability (well, I admit, sometimes I remembered in the morning to take the dang tablets and forgot in the afternoon and evening, or vice versa). Same with the raspberry ketone tablets. If caffeine was the reason for fat burn, that five cups of coffee morning habit with caffeinated sweet tea the rest of the day should do SOMETHING, right? Particularly when the coffee and sweet tea are often meal replacers and, if I’m really busy, I’ll go through the whole day without even thinking about eating if I’m by myself. Apparently I’m with other people too often (grin).

I read a women’s magazine while standing in line at the checkout at Walmart (you can read entire magazines while waiting in line there) about adding a tsp. of ginger to tea per day for amazing weight loss. Up to six pounds per week! Hunh. Well, I’ve been adding a tsp. of ginger to my coffee for a week now. I have not been eating any differently. Guess what happened?

I gained six pounds is what happened.

Aha! You may say. It’s because you’re eating all those cakes and candies and Christmas cookies that go along with the season! Nope. Can’t eat that stuff. Haven’t had any.

Part of that weight gain is probably because I went to a restaurant last night, gave careful instructions about gluten-free everything, but they didn’t exactly comply. My stomach (well, intestines, to be more precise) are all swollen and part of the problem is probably water retention.

In addition, when my cortisol levels are elevated, I just gain weight like a prize steer. With Swampman going into the hospital in a week, Christmas, and assorted other stresses that are going on right, my cortisol levels must be pretty dang high.

Maybe I should do a little more meditating and a little less cursing. And quit restaurant eating completely.

I need to go on a very low carb diet (no rice! no taters! no sweet tea!) in a couple weeks when hopefully SwampMan will be recovering, the holidays will be finished, and everything can calm down a bit.


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  1. 1

    kcduffy said,

    You are so thoughtful…does it hurt? :p

  2. 4

    ORPO1 said,

    We do restaurants when out and about to Palmdale, Lancaster and Victorville. Otherwise we eat home made.

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