ASL Music Video “We’re Going to be Friends”

It has been awhile since I’ve used any ASL. In the past, I worked with autistic nonverbal children that communicated through ASL as well as brain-damaged children unable to speak. With the help of a book, various videos, and the children themselves, I picked up a little ASL. We used other communication devices as well, such as books with simple signs and pictures of what they wanted.

When I was transferred to a school with older students, sign language was not used. Instead, they were using Ipads with various phrases programmed in for the children to use, for the thought was what good is sign language if nobody else can understand it? I understand this, really, for police aren’t exactly sensitive about deaf people. If they give an order and you do not comply instantly, you could be shot or tazed or thrown to the ground and your voice handcuffed behind your back. OTOH, walking around brandishing an Ipad while nonverbal can be very dangerous for the students.

As a result of not using sign language for three years, I’ve lost a lot of my signs. *sigh* My granddaughter is very hard of hearing, but she is not taking sign language classes. Swampman is very very hard of hearing, but refuses to learn the signs. Heh. He gets some very rude things signed at him occasionally. Perhaps he should learn.

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