HOW MUCH Per Chick?

I was at the feed store this week idly looking at the chicks. I thought I might pick up 10 or 20 from a new breed just to see how they would do. I could have hatched some out with the incubator, but I’ve been juuuuuuust a little busy. Besides, with SwampMan recovering from his knee surgery and SwampDaughter incubating another granddaughter due sometime between the end of May and mid-June, I just didn’t really feel I had the time to deal with chicks.

I looked at the price of the chicks. $3.00 per chick. WHAT? “THREE DOLLARS per chick?” I questioned. Yep. Apparently there is a big demand for chicks from people that think the country is going to hell in a hurry and they damn sure better have some means of feeding themselves. Well, I ain’t gonna argue THAT point, but damn. DOUBLE damn.

The next morning as I was cooking breakfast, I hesitated before breaking eggs into the frying pan. Oh my. Each fertile egg was potentially worth $3.00 as a chick. Why, just the eggs for breakfast would be worth $12.00. That isn’t even COUNTING the fine smoked sausage from a farm up in Georgia that we pay $9.00 per lb. for because it is WORTH it.

I reckon I better drag the incubator into the house and put some eggs inside it so at least I’ll feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of ’em. Hens have a finite time of being productive, and it takes about six months from egg to layer. I’ll need to hatch out @ 80 to 90 chicks just to make sure I have 40 hens but will I have time to get them done and transitioned outside the brooder before baby arrives?


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