SwampMan Three Weeks After Knee Replacement Surgery

Today SwampMan is THREE WEEKS out from his second knee replacement surgery! Hooray! He quit all (prescription) pain meds between two and three weeks after his surgery due to the nausea, lightheadedness, and fuzzy thinking. His surgeon’s office gave him a new prescription for pain pills that do not cause nausea, but he decided not to fill it. He still has knee pain (particularly after physical therapy) but it is tolerable with Tylenol and ice. He was able to achieve 114 degrees of flexion yesterday.

Yesterday SwampMan drove about a hundred miles around Jacksonville looking at kayaks and kayaking sites, purchased a book on Florida hiking trails, then actually went inside a Red Lobster for a sit-down lunch. “I feel like I’m on vacation!” I told him, for we’d been pretty much confined to our small town and the house (well, at least he was!) since before his surgery. It wasn’t his right knee which had been replaced in December which was keeping him confined before his surgery. His left knee (the most recent replacement) had gotten so bad that it would give out suddenly, and he was falling when he walked. He didn’t dare even walk inside the house without a cane.

We had an outing a couple days earlier to Jacksonville (about a 40-mile round trip where I drove and he criticized my driving THE ENTIRE TRIP) where he ventured out with just a cane, not his walker. He decided that maybe he better use the walker (ouch!) for @ another week if he intends to do any significant amount of walking.

When we got home yesterday, he planted himself in his recliner and declared that he needed ICE NOW and Tylenol. Yeah, maybe he overdid it just a little bit.

SwampMan would like to encourage people that are becoming increasingly immobile due to severe osteoarthritis that need joint replacement surgery to get it before they become sofa-bound lumps that need strong anti-inflammatory medication just for minimal function. He lost ten years of mobility because of this.


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