I’m SO Ready for Robin Hood.

I sullenly trudged to the post office this morning to mail our tax return. It was pouring down rain, which was fitting. Having to go pay even more of our income to a parasitical bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. that just spent $5 million on cow eradication on trumped-up charges for the financial benefit of the Reid clan does not make me happy. It therefore seems fitting that today is a shitty day.

Did I mention that the working folk still have to work until April 21 until they reach Tax Freedom Day?

The post office was fairly empty this morning. I handed over my envelope to have it sent certified. “Would you like a return receipt on that, Miz Swampie?” asked the lady at the counter, a long-time acquaintance.

“What I REALLY wanted was to scrawl hate messages all over the envelope. The kindest one would say something like ‘I hope you all DIE IN A FIRE!'” The people in the post office, mostly retirees, looked at me.

“If you did, you’d probably have a visit really quickly from people in uniforms!” said my acquaintance. “Not to mention if a fire really did break out in an IRS office somewhere!” another lady added. Yep. I’m sure a SWAT team would be involved in my questioning then.


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