When KC Moved to Pensacola, I Just Knew There Would be Consequences

And there were! Check out KC’s blog, Pixie Place II, for flooding updates. Good thing she transported her kayak to Pensacola the trip before last, hunh?

In the meantime, KC seems to think that it may not be a bad idea for me to go shopping for an ark this afternoon. Unfortunately, SwampMan’s pay does not cover such things. Our flotation device will have to consist of a 2 x 4.


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    arch said,

    Swampwoman. I desperately need your assistance to contact Rick Z to tell him that I am banned for 30 days for my over the top comments.and that I am grateful for his advise and tips on how to control my vehement postings. That Guy has always stuck up for me when my health was threatened and I cannot reply to him until the 30 day ban is lifted. He sent a very informative email that I can understand where I have gone off the deep end on this site. I am hoping you can relay my appreciation of his advise as I cannot contact members through this site for 30 days. I feel badly as I cannot reply to his PM and he does not have an address I can contact outside the GCP site.

    Please let him know that I am very appreciative of his PM but cannot reply to it myself for 30 days. I have been informed that next time I shoot off my mouth with mayhem and death to libs that I will be banned permanently. A personal problem that I have to control. I can receive PM email on the site but cannot send for 30 days. mike C cut me slack and did not permanently ban me of which I am great-full. I wish to remain on this site but do not want to damage it in any way. I am just a bit too radical for my anger.

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