Glasses Repair Kits

I always recommend that people such as myself that are blind as bats without eyeglasses keep a glasses repair kit on hand for the inevitable glasses emergencies that always, ALWAYS occur when the optometry shop is closed. Plus, since I have to navigate via echolocation when my glasses are broken, it wouldn’t be a good idea to drive there to begin with. That whole white cane tapping out the window for the curb would probably be off putting, and I would have to go through some traffic lights.

Unfortunately, glasses repair kits are SMALL. When they’re urgently needed, I either can’t find ’em, or SwampMan has repaired a grandchild’s toy with the screws. Off to the pharmacy with a temporary glasses fix, aka “scotch tape” holding them together. So, here I am, eyeglasses repair kit in hand, and not one single damn screw fits my glasses. Gawdammit.

I hope SwampMan’s breakfast, made without glasses, was okay. I used either cinnamon or Cajun seasoning on the French toast this morning. They’re both in the giant restaurant-sized containers sitting side by side in the cabinet where I keep the spices. Oh, well. He had a meeting this morning, so likely he ate his food so fast he wouldn’t notice either way.

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