Puppy Continues to Be Emaciated and Itchy

Puppy has been bathed frequently with prescription antifungal shampoo, has had various anti-flea meds applied in case he’s allergic to flea bites, is all current on his heartworm meds, yet he continues to turn up his nose at food of either the dog or people variety and scratch his hair out. He’s on Dinovite vitamins which do not seem to have had any effect. He’s on allergen-free dog food which he doesn’t like. I’ve combined that dog food morning and evening with a can of wild salmon or a can of jack mackeral for the omega 3 fatty acids and, of course, the protein and calcium from the pressure-cooked soft bones.

Yet I don’t really see a change in him for the better.

*sigh* For breakfast, he had a dozen boiled eggs in the shell, along with a cup of his dog food that I refrigerated that he would not eat the night before. This evening, he had a 6-egg omelette filled with only two cups of the hated dog food, dinovite, and a little bacon grease drizzled over it.

He actually hate that pretty eagerly. Perhaps I will make it again for his breakfast, but he will probably turn his nose up at it in the morning.

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