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Presenting Lila Rose

baby Lila and DaddyLila Rose entered the wider world from her previously restricted environment at a little after 8 a.m. this morning. She weighs in at 8 lbs. and 9 oz. She has thus far proven to be quite vocal in her disapproval at the change in her circumstances.

She has a most alarming frowny face and turns bright red when she cries. She cried frequently when looking at her relatives. I can see her point. Zoe petted her like she was a puppy, and told her Mommy that she will change her lil’ baby sister Lila Rose’s dipey, get wipies, and clean her butt. That would probably make me assume a frowny face and cry as well.

Well, at least all Lila’s siblings looked at her this time around. Jacob wouldn’t even look at Dylan when he was born. Dylan didn’t want to look at Zoe. Zoe, however, petted her baby sister Lila Rose’s head, Dylan laughed at her little ears, and Jacob said it was weird that his mom has a baby. And Dylan said Mommy looks funny with her huge stomach gone. Last time when Zoe was born, Dylan tried to give her to me. I told Zoe that since Mommy had three babies, I would keep this one. She started crying because that was HER baby!

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