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Lila and Jacob

jacob and Lila

Lila has developed jaundice, and she is supposed to stay in the light bed 24/7. She has to be fed and changed and temperature taken every two hours around the clock. Mommy is very, very tired. Luckily, Jacob is a good helper, although Mommy did refer to him as the clock Nazi just because, when Mom was a minute late on the every 2-hour feeding, temperature taking, and changing because she was exhausted and Lila was sleeping soundly, he told her “Fine. Just let the baby die, then!”

Since she’s been in the light bed, the swelling around her eyes and her cheeks has gone down considerably. Now she looks like a baby instead of an Adams Family uncle.

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Shooting Wasp Nests With BB Guns

Dylan decided to practice his marksmanship with a pellet rifle yesterday, and took a can out of a bin at Swampman’s barn. Swampman keeps a bin outside of his barn for the kids to throw their soda cans into so that he can melt them (soda cans, not kids!) down for the purpose of casting things, pouring molten aluminum into fire ant nests, etc.

Dylan set the can down, backed off a bit, and started shooting it. That’s when he found that there was a wasp nest inside the can. The wasps didn’t much mind him carrying the can containing the nest, but they sure didn’t like being shot with a pellet rifle. Wasps came flying out of the can and chased Dylan. One nailed him behind the knee.

Dylan racked his weapon at the barn (good man!) and ran inside the house for assistance. The sting behind the knee was starting to welt and a large red inflamed bruise formed around it. It hurt to bend his leg. I immediately sliced a piece off a raw onion and gave it to him to hold in place. After a few minutes, I diced a raw onion and bound it to the sting with plastic wrap. He complained that the onion stung, but stayed in place long enough to read another couple chapters of Sir Fartsalot. Then he wanted to walk through the house, dropping onions as he went, and I decided that it was time to remove the poultice. “It still hurts!” he declared. I looked at it. The welt was gone, and the redness was gone except where the stinger had entered the skin. That spot was still bright red. “Yeah, but you’re bending your leg when you walk now!” I told him. “Yeah, I guess I am!” he said, and ran outside to drive a tractor with Papa.

This morning, he declared in surprise about his sting “I can’t feel it at all! It doesn’t hurt at all!”

“Any itching?” I asked. That residual itch is the worst.

“No, nothing!”

“Remember this when you get older so that you can make stings better when you get stung again!” I ordered.

You would think that I would have had sense enough to apply juicy onion slices to the yellow fly bites that I got yesterday, but you would be wrong. I’m walking around scratching the welts on my legs today. Oh, well. They’ll stop itching in a week or so.

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