Now Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Three-year-old granddaughter didn’t take a midday nap today, so I expected she’d fall asleep early in exhaustion after a long day. But nooooo. At 11:30 p.m., she was still chattering away in the kitchen about who she was going to marry when she grows up (that would be everybody in her family), how she wants a pirate ship and I need to build her one, and she wants a castle big enough for her, her youngest big brother, and myself to live in. And yes, that castle is to be built by me, too.

I told her she needed to get some rest and grabbed a flashlight to go outside. “Why you goin’ outside inna dark, MeeMaw?”

“I’m going out to find Momma Kitty. Her eyes don’t work very well anymore, and she sometimes can’t find her way onto the porch to get her food at night”, I explained.

“Oh, her eye batteries are broken?”

Oh, dear. How should I answer that? “Uh, yes, that’s it, her eye batteries are broken.”

“Well, you should go to the store amorrow and get her new ones, MeeMaw.”

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