Amazing How Clueless Activists Are

Isn’t it amazing how clueless about how business (and the world) works that activists are? Sure, let the rich people (McDonald’s corporate shareholders) pay for increasing the cost of the McDonald’s labor to $10 plus an hour. Do rich people eat from the dollar menu at McDonald’s? Nah. Can businesses continue losing money indefinitely? Nah. Only government can do that and, even then, the bills come due. So who is going to pay? The people that would end up paying the price are the poor folks that just want a fast, filling meal at an affordable price.

But there’s a problem. It seems that the poor folks can’t afford to pay gourmet burger prices for a quarter pounder with cheese or a hamburger from the dollar menu. I suppose they (McDonald’s or any other targeted fast food chain) could switch out that beef burger for scavenged road kill, meal worms, crickets, or other inferior ingredients, or they could further automate the labor and have fewer employees.

Alternatively, they can do what the politicians do and hire illegals. While you, the working poor or middle class people, have to pay $200 per week per infant for day care due to the various regulations and expenses that have been mandated by various government entities, the politicians simply hire an illegal housekeepers/child care workers from Honduras or Guatemala.


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    kcduffy said,

    Because, while I will be arrested and fined severely for keeping more than 2 (3?) children of my friends or relatives – for much less than the regulated warehouses charge – the Honduran or Guatemalan will be given food stamps, job training, housing, medical care, and free bus passes.

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