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We Are Winners! Wait, No We’re Not

Somebody named *Skye* just called to leave a recorded message that we are winners. We submitted a entry form at a local shopping center, movie theater, or online for a $50,000 grand prize. And we’re to call a telephone number for the good news.

Except we didn’t do any such thing.

Well, the telephone number *Skye* was calling from was 1-800-739-9305 in case this scam reaches you. Apparently there are lots and lots and lots of telephone calls going out notifying people that they are winners in a contest they never entered.

Since I deleted the call back number, you’ll have to go online and Google it if you want to find out what it is. Then you can call them back and claim my prize. I’m sure they’ll be glad to hear from you. No doubt they’ll need your bank account number to deposit your winnings in. What could possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, it is the truly desperate and neediest among us that will call and provide their account numbers. I would like for all the perpetrators of these types of schemes to be shot on sight.

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Mandatory Insurance Coverage

I’ve only been covered by “health” insurance a few times in my life, most recently when I worked for the school system. If I needed a doctor, I paid for it myself. It wasn’t a problem. Insurance policies were mostly for catastrophic coverage and, being young and healthy, I didn’t really need any. What could happen? I figured that if I got in a car wreck, my car insurance would cover me. If I got hurt at work, I’d be covered by workmen’s comp.

Heck, even things that were covered like cracked/broken ribs from a vehicle accident didn’t stop me. I went home to get a non-totaled vehicle, then drove to work on my construction job and spent the next eight weeks sleeping upright in a chair because I couldn’t breathe laying down.

When I was pregnant with SwampDaughter, we sold my mule to pay the cost of the doctor. The hospital bill was a couple hundred bucks. (SwampDaughter, that was a good mule. You owe me.) The kids and SwampMan got their share of lumps and bumps (uninsured) and we paid for the stitches and xrays. It wasn’t a huge cost.

The point is that health care used to be affordable, not something that costs tens of thousands of dollars for a simple ailment and hundreds of thousands of dollars for something more complicated.

“But Swampie!” you may whine. “Technology is more expensive!”

Really? Unless you live under a rock, surely you have noticed that EVERYTHING having to do with technology has gone down in price. CNC machines are affordable to the average householder. They used to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and only be available to well-capitalized businesses. Computers used to take up entire rooms and cost millions. Now pocket-sized smart phones are more powerful computers than our first (and expensive!) home computer that we had to program ourselves. Most people have copying machines in their homes that are incorporated into their printer, something else that was prohibitively expensive. A Selectric typewriter cost more then than a computer costs now.

But wait, there’s MORE. My grandkids play with tablets that are so affordable, they’re treated as TOYS. They’ve got more computing power at their fingertips than the first moon mission. An even more recent example is that the first flat screen tvs were an order of magnitude more expensive than those today that last longer and give a better picture.

Yes, technology has reduced the price of just about everything. But not health care. And not education. What do these things have in common? Government regulation.

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Make Your Stand on 09/11/2013

SwampDaughter and I were talking on the phone about collaborating on writing a Kindle murder mystery book just for the fun of it. My killing technique was more low tech and left no trace once the soft tissue was gone; hers was more high tech and we argued about whether that would leave chemical tracers and might appear in bone pieces. We agreed that that needed further research. We shared imaginative ways in which to dispose of the bodies. Again, her ways were higher tech than mine, but my ways left nothing that could be tracked back which could be a bummer in a murder mystery where there have to be SOME breadcrumbs left to follow.

We both fell silent suddenly, and I remarked “You know, somebody from the government is recording this conversation.”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking! It’s pretty creepy, isn’t it?” answered daughter. “There is no such thing as a private conversation anymore!”

“When we both start Googling chemical tracers and how long various chemicals stay in dead bodies, we’re REALLY going to be raising some flags at government agencies, I suppose, considering that the government seems to be more fixated on citizens than terrorists.” Especially Republicans or Tea Party members.

We stopped talking about our potential book and started talking about loss of freedom that begins slowly, incrementally, then suddenly the older folk notice that there isn’t any, and the younger folk don’t understand the fuss because they’ve always been under surveillance.

When I read this at Market Ticker, it resonated with everything that I had been feeling and speaking about lately. I decided to sign on:

I keep getting emails that are of the general form “you ought to run for office.”

And I keep saying No.


Because when it comes to fundamental liberty interests there are two facts that nobody wants to talk about — but are inescapably true.
•Free people need no “leader”; the very premise of unalienable rights precludes one, for the most part.

•If you need someone to lead you to do the right thing you don’t deserve the fruits of doing the right thing.

This much is clear — the NSA isn’t going to stop their crap until and unless the people demand it and start holding government — and the private businesses that make what they do possible — accountable.

It has been proved that the people will not vote out of office even those who are known to have committed outrageous acts even when it happens days in front of an election. I point to 2008 as the prime example of exactly this fact.

We all should be able to walk into a doctor’s or dentist’s office and plunk down $100, see said dentist or doctor, and have no record of anything transmitted to or kept by anyone other than us. Today, this is impossible.

We should all have the 4th Amendment right to be secure in our papers, effects and lives, including electronic transmissions, until and unless there is a warrant issued detailing a specific alleged offense and identifying the specific items to be searched for or seized. This includes our emails, it includes our phone calls, text messages and the location data generated as a necessity to provide us with mobile services, which we did not consent to be used for any purpose other than providing those services. It includes no “automatic license plate readers” on cop cars, light poles and similar. This is what The Constitution says; it is not a suggestion.

And we should all have every single law enforcement officer, who work for us and are paid for by us, have at all times a video and audio recording device on and working while they are on the job and the lack of any said record, any delay in turning over such a record, or any evidence of editing or tapering thereof with said record shall be cause for dismissal with prejudice of any charge brought by or through any act of said person irrespective of any other evidence, with one exception — if the suspect is the one who caused the record to be tampered with or destroyed. We have two shining examples right here in NW Florida, one of a county Sheriff’s office that thinks shooting innocent people and breaking into homes without probable cause is just fine and a second city police department that appears to think that outrageous acts up to and including sexual assault, extortion and intentionally ramming a citizens car by sworn members of the force are ok as well.

All of these reforms we can have right now.

But none of it we will have until and unless we demand it and further, the only peaceful means we have of demanding it is to withdraw our consent and support of each and every business enterprise that makes possible the violation of our rights until and unless they stop it and stand against it.

In short, we either threaten to and do destroy through peaceful and lawful means — the simple act of refusing to spend money — every single firm that does not stand with us or we deserve what we get as a society, and all who claim to me that someone should come and “save them” are going to see me erect the middle finger in response.

So here’s the challenge.

On 9/11/2013 if you run an Internet site you go dark.

If you use the Internet you go dark.

And whatever you were going to buy, whatever you were going to do on 9/11/2013, you do not do on 9/10, 9/12, or at any other time.

You get your friends to do it, or you decide they’re not your friends any more.

You get your business associates to it, or they’re not your business associates any more.

If just 10% of the people in this nation will demand and enforce these changes, they will happen. They will happen because if they don’t and we demand and enforce that demand via peaceful, non-violent economic means we will destroy the businesses that have over-levered themselves under the premise that we are sheep and will not act in such a fashion.

On 9/11/2013, I will display this — and only this — on both The Market Ticker and Tickerforum.

fuck the nsa

And then I will look at the results to see who also does this, and who not only unplugs themselves during that day but in addition does not simply shift their activity to the surrounding days.

I will know whether the claims that people “did” do it are crap or not from Internet traffic data that is collected in real-time by a number of firms and I will confirm it via 3rd Quarter earnings reports where I will look critically at the revenue numbers from all of the major retailers with Internet components in the United States, including but not limited to Amazon.

There will either be at least a 1% q/o/q decline on US revenues, or there will not.

And if the lawmakers do not respond, then in October it will be two days instead of one. In November it will be three days, spanning Thanksgiving — yes, intended to screw “Black Friday”, and we will add to it no Internet purchases of any sort for holiday shopping.

And again, I will measure and see whether any material percentage of the people will get behind this.

From this data, preliminary and ongoing, I will decide exactly how far I will personally go in unplugging and walking off. I will decide whether it is worth continuing to put forward effort in this regard — or not.

It’s time for me to throw down the gauntlet.

You either believe in what America was founded on, or you do not.

To paraphrase the band “Rush”:

If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice, and “no action”, in my opinion, answers the above question as NOT.

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NBA Player Says He’s Gay

My ears have been getting assaulted frequently since yesterday by what they (various media outlets) apparently construe as HUGE BREAKING NEWS VERY IMPORTANT TO MY LIFE. Some NBA player has declared his gayness to the world.

So, why would this be important to me? Why do I need to hear about it every half hour when I’m driving or listening to the radio while I wash dishes? Is it a danger to me? Is it financially important to me? Does it have some sort of medical interest to me; i.e., are the genes for men having basketball skills inextrictably linked to homosexualism? No? Is he using the media as a dating aid, in that he wasn’t getting hit on enough from like-minded men? Would the media perform the same service for a world-famous interior decorator that would like the world to know that he’s really a closet heterosexual?

How do I put this politely to the media? I. Don’t. Care. I don’t give a shit about the NBA, any of the players, or their sexual orientation. I don’t care about ANYBODY’s sexual orientation except mine. I don’t know why it’s such a big deal to the media.

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Ever Heard of “Dr.” Kermit Grosnell?

Probably not. The story is being almost completely ignored in the MSM. You see, he’s an abortionist on trial for the death of a woman. Investigators found a clinic that had no sanitary procedures in place at all. A clinic where 15-year-old high school dropouts administered anesthetic. Where nonmedical personnel performed abortions on term babies and then stabbed them to death. Where there were collections of jars of little baby feet and other parts. Where personnel that worked there described stabbing a hundred babies to death. Where a mother who changed her mind was forcibly aborted. In other words, a torture chamber of horrors.

Why hasn’t the media covered this? Is it because Obama supports partial birth abortions and this might make him look bad, like he advocated infanticide, which he does?

Is it because the doctor is black and to cover a black “doctor” (although the doctor part is not certain) who is performing abortions on black women could be construed as racist? (Nah, that couldn’t be, the MSM couldn’t contain their rancor at Dr. Benjamin Carson, one of the world’s leading child neurosurgeons.)

I can’t help but think that any WHITE doctor who butchered black women and stabbed black babies would have a press scrutinizing every piece of evidence at the trial with a microscope while baying for his execution. Yet the courtroom seats reserved for the press set empty. Why is that?

The answer is that they don’t care. They SUPPORT infanticide. They don’t care that viable infants are being slaughtered. They don’t care about screaming babies being stabbed to death. They do think that normal people might object to things like this that occur in “planned parenthood*” clinics, so they will NOT cover it in the hope that you won’t hear about it. Your conclusion might be that this is murder and those that condone it are guilty of murder as well. This includes abortion clinic personnel, judges, and politicians that enable this.

Maybe it is as simple as racism and I should just shut up. After all, most babies that are aborted are black and Hispanic babies, and who care about them, right?

I do.

And you have to wonder. How many other abortion clinics like this are there that they haven’t been covering? How many other outrages are there that are being done that they don’t want you to hear about?

I bet there are a lot.

My outrage leaves me speechless. Please read Rachel Lucas’ blog account and Adam Baldwin’s tweets on this.

*Testifying against a Florida bill that would require abortionists to provide emergency medical care to an infant who survives an abortion, Planned Parenthood lobbyist Alisa LaPolt Snow was asked point blank: “If a baby is born on a table as a result of a botched abortion, what would Planned Parenthood want to have happen to that child that is struggling for life?” She replied: “We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician.”

Sounds to me as though killing babies is pretty routine in Planned Parenthood clinics. But then again, that’s their purpose, isn’t it? And your tax dollars support this.

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Here’s Why the DHS Needs All That Ammo

target7target6target5target4target3target2target1They have new targets to shoot! Because this is what terrorists look like to the government: They appear to be white, middle class, and in their own homes or neighborhoods. So why would DHS agents be practicing shooting people down in their own homes and on playgrounds?

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On Account of This Is A High Class Blog

A little music to set the mood.

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Interesting Question

Paul Hsieh at PJ Media asks the question: Would New Gun Laws Spark Widespread Civil Disobedience?

Heh. My immediate and gut-felt reaction upon reading the title was “Do bears shit in the woods?” I suppose I could be wrong and those people that are busily engaged in buying up all the guns and ammo and high-capacity magazines may just be acquiring them in order to peacefully surrender them to the government without recompense upon demand, but that seems pretty damned unlikely to me.

The premise for these gun-grabbing tactics appears to be “public safety”. I note that there are no concerted efforts underway to disarm the drug gangs murdering each other as well as innocent bystanders in the cities. Interesting. They (Democrats) appear only interested in disarming law-abiding citizens (for the children, of course). I also note that, curiously, there are no steps being taken to increase the funding for mental health care and hospital beds for the seriously insane even though the people that committed mass shooting events could be the poster kids for batshit crazy.

Something smells REAL bad about this whole gun grab, folks. This is allegedly being done in the name of public safety, yet has nothing to do with public safety. Things like this and the Great DHS Ammunition Buy (of 1.6 billion bullets) make me think dark things about “our” government, although we are reassured by the Huffington Post that there is a perfectly logical explanation for this. Yessirree. The Federal government wants to save us all money, you see, and it is cheaper to buy ammo in bulk.

Put me down under civil disobedience, please.

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I Suppose I’ll Watch the Debate

I’ll watch the debate, I suppose, much like I might glance over at a bad car wreck despite telling myself not to. No matter what occurs, I’m not going to change my opinion about Obama. If the choice were to be between Obama and, say, a brain-eating zombie, I’d want to know the zombie’s prior political affiliations, naturally, but I’d probably choose the zombie even if he used to be a Democrat. The outcome of the debate DOES NOT MATTER. What does matter is the past four years of the country being systematically destroyed by Obama’s little helpers.

I’d be shocked, SHOCKED, if Obama hasn’t had the questions submitted to him ten weeks in advance and had panels of sequestered test marketers analyzing various answers written for him by his handlers for the one calculated to play best in the swing states. Hell, they’re probably on teleprompter for him.

Mitt probably isn’t going to call the press “Obama’s harem of Marxist knob gobblers” or respond to a particularly egregious untruth by saying “You lying commie bastard”. *sigh* But I can hope.

First response by Obama earned a heartfelt spontaneous “BULLSHIT” from both SwampMan and myself.

Mitt Romney’s “trickle down” government comment was good.

Obama isn’t answering the questions in his response. And you can’t legislate better schools from the fucking Federal level. NO CLUE. Training people for the jobs out there? THERE AREN’T ANY! You don’t need a lot of training for asking if you want fries with that. Oh, BULLSHIT on the biofuels by Obama. It doesn’t work, you dipshit.

Oooooh. Romney called Obama a liar twice.

Obama still hasn’t actually answered any question. And he’s lying again. Oh. And it’s still Bush’s fault. And Obama is going to copy Clinton’s approach, which was actually Gingrich’s approach.

Obama keeps bringing up what he says Romney’s program is despite what Romney has repeatedly said. Romney is not letting him get away with it. I dunno, but from here it looks like Romney is kicking his ass.

Oooh, Romney is going to cut PBS. VOTE!

Jesus F. Christ. Now Obama is saying how he’s a big spending cutter. Oh, please.

Romney grabbed Bowles-Simpson again. SWEET! If dirty looks were lethal, Romney would be a dead man. Romney is educating Obama on the economy. He doesn’t like the lesson.

Obama’s response: Oil companies are rich and eeeeeeevil and don’t need tax breaks! Overseas factories shouldn’t get tax breaks. Young people and college. Teachers having classes sitting on the floor with 10-year-old textbooks. WHATTHEFUCK? Romney is talking about jobs. Obama is talking about bullshit.


Obama doesn’t really know what he’s talking about, does he?

I was just saying “DAMN. Obama’s lying about what Mitt Romney just said!” and then Mitt Romney went WHACK upside Obama’s head with a large solid object and “No, that’s inaccurate.”

Now, on to health care! (They move on when Obama’s reeling against the ropes, so to speak.) Woohooo. Unelected board aka death panels. Woohoooo! Back to jobs.

Obama’s response: Ramble ramble ramble evil insurance companies. Kid on insurance plans until 26 years old which is pretty damn stupid. SwampMan’s response: Mr. President, do you have an actual answer in there somewhere? Oh, it’s Romney’s fault.

Romney’s response: Facts, figures, numbers.

Obama’s response: Ramble ramble ramble. Cleveland Clinic? What the FUCK does this have to do with Obamacare?

Obama: “The first role of the federal government is to keep people safe”. Oh, REALLY? Tell that to the dead Americans in Libya.

Obama rambled some more, told a few lies, got called on it by Romney, and sent back to school. Again.

Obama keeps repeating the same tired old lies about Romney despite being repeatedly reschooled.

Obama said that he cut taxes for families and small business. Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Now he’s all bipartisanship. Oh, and He Has a Plan. Yo, Obama, YOU HAVEN’T EVEN HAD A BUDGET SINCE HE’S BEEN ELECTED.

Oh, great, more Obama rambling about nothing.

Romney had a strong close, IMO.

You know, we’d all be drunk on our asses if we took a drink every time Romney called Obama a liar.

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An Unfortunate Trick of the Light?

I’d been visiting with relatives this afternoon into the evening, so I didn’t get home until late. I filled up the feed buckets at 11 p.m. and went around to make sure everybody had adequate feed and water.

It was almost midnight when I splashed through the back gate to feed the chickens in the back pasture. At the edge of the little duck pond, at the far range of my flashlight, Breeze stood drinking. “BREEZE! What in the world are you doing in here?” I asked in astonishment, for this wasn’t her pasture, and I would have a helluva time rounding her up this late. She lifted her head, dripping water, and looked at me, then I blinked in astonishment. She wasn’t there. Then I remembered that she was dead and would never be there. “What the…?”

I shone my flashlight around the little pool, trying to see what had tricked my eyes into seeing Breeze. There were some weeds at the far end, but they were not horse sized. They were also not chestnut. Was it the ducks splashing? Well, the ducks are black and white, and were on the other side of the pond. Maybe a deer? No, Puppy would have immediately given chase to a deer in the pasture. It wasn’t Puppy, either. He had been in the pasture checking the perimeter before I came in, then exited carrying the dessicated carcass of a long deceased animal as I entered and was now behind me.

So, I still don’t know.

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