It’s 11 PM and Raining Like a Son of a Gun

I’m all nice and clean from my shower. My clothes are ready for tomorrow. Of course, last night they were ready for this morning, and I was running through the house in a panic this morning because I could not find them where I hung their hangers from the doorknob so I couldn’t possibly miss ’em in the morning, even before having caffeine in large quantities. Did I ever mention that I am NOT a morning person? I even put a lil’ bin on the bathroom counter with underwear and socks so I wouldn’t have to rifle through the dresser drawers in the morning. So, there I was this morning, rifling through the dresser drawers, waking SwampMan in my consternation that my socks and underwear had disappeared.

*sigh* I’m worried about my momma hen and her lil’ biddies, and my sick ewe. I’m worried now that perhaps ewe is in the pasture getting soaked by the rain instead of in the nice, dry barn. I need to check to make sure the biddies pen isn’t getting too wet. So, guess who will be going out into the dark, stumbling through mud puddles, and getting soaked to the skin again? Why didn’t I just soap up and walk into the pasture nekkid? It woulda been more efficient.

Update: Biddies are dry under Momma and under shelter in their outdoor pen. Sick ewe is lying in the barn. The only fool(s) out getting soaked were me and Puppy, who opened the gate and followed me out, patrolling for potential Mom grabbers (on account of I open the cans).

Oooh, and channel 4 just informed me that dark chocolate would make me feel better. Duh! Why the hell do they think I’m overweight?

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  1. 1

    no2liberals said,

    Speaking of a deluge, the mid term elections are only 34 days away.
    I thought you and your fellow Floridians might like to know about a grassroots initiative, if you don’t know already.

  2. 2

    SwampWoman said,

    Florida judges are a bunch of useless bastards for the most part.

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