Oh, Snap. I’ve Glutened Myself Again.

Today, shortly after noon, my feet and joints started aching. My face started itching and burning, the first step before a bright red blistery rash breaks out. Could I have ingested gluten again? I’ve been pretty careful since my last (intentional) ingestion made me so ill.

This evening, the severe abdominal discomfort struck.

The strange thing is that since I’ve almost completely cut gluten out of my diet, it seems that lesser and lesser amounts trigger the symptoms. Scary.

I believe I’ve identified the source of my gluten, too, something that I ingested without even thinking about it. I had hash brown casserole this morning from the cafeteria which was made with cream of mushroom soup. It wasn’t much, just a small scoop so that I could gobble it down while on the way to class. I thought that such a small amount probably wouldn’t affect me.

I was wrong.

Guess I better stick to morning omelettes.

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  1. 1

    Robert D said,

    Aw sh!t, swampie… Tebow going to Jets after all

    The worst part? If you believe ESPN, Denver gave him a choice between the Jets and the Jaguars and he chose the cold-weather loser franchise with the obnoxious loudmouth coach and its obnoxious loudmouth local media instead of the warm-weather loser franchise where he grew up and everyone loves him and he’ll start every game. You would think a believer as devout as Tebow would remember God’s first commandment to Moses: “The Jets reek.”

    • 2

      Swampie said,

      Ain’t that some shit?! A lot of folks I know said that if the Jags didn’t move heaven and earth this time to get Tebow, they were done with ’em (the Jags). He was totally snubbed by the owners/coaching staff of Jags last time, though. Those of us that have been watching him for years KNOW what he can do.

  2. 3

    kae said,

    My friend has found out she is coeliac. If she has anything with gluten she knows within a half hour – even sooner!
    She’s cut out all gluten and dairy, just for good measure (she was allergic to milk as a child and grew up on goat’s milk), and she says she’s never felt better.
    She checks all lables for anything which may have gluten – has to be careful of hidden gluten, like glucose in lollies (sweets, candy), and occasionally lapses.
    Take care, I know how sick that simple stuff can make you!

    • 4

      Swampie said,

      I have been going to doctors for ten freaking YEARS about my problems but, to be fair, they don’t really SOUND related. I was tired all of the time. I had aches and pains. My feet were KILLING me. I had wierd itchy, burning rashes that came and went. Brain fog to the extent that I couldn’t imagine or even consider working in the demanding jobs that I used to have. Disabling abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

      “Middle age” was the comment I kept getting. “You have to accept that you’re middle aged and slow down.” Hell, if I slowed down any more I’d be stationary! If my IQ dropped any further I’d be a carrot! I was on pain pills, antidepressants, hormonal stuff and had colonoscopies.

      I played laser tag at school yesterday. A year ago it would have been impossible because it would have been too painful. Just these few months of being relatively gluten free (and I say relatively because it is HARD to be gluten free) have been a miracle.

      I hadn’t even (previously) considered that soy sauce has gluten. Hell, even some brands of vanilla extract have gluten! Thickened soups have gluten! Lots of BBQ sauces have gluten! Arrrrrrgh.

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