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Yeah, I Voted!

I missed early voting because I worked late during the week, then completely forgot over the weekend. Yikes! I couldn’t believe that I did that. I was mentally dope slapping myself Saturday night.

The best thing about early voting (well, aside from good parking places and lack of lines) is that I could vote at the library. Yay! Vote and get books in the same visit!

Our precincts were changed over the summer, and I didn’t know where they were changed to. I asked SwampMan, the storehouse of all knowledge connected with the town and reader of actual instructions in newspapers, where our new precinct was. After all, since he knows all those things, then why should I worry about it? He shrugged. He didn’t know. He didn’t care. His organized and superior self had gone to early voting. “Try the library!”

I went hopefully to the library, where I was rejected, and sent to my correct precinct. One without books. One with hardly any parking. One with a line. *sigh* On the other hand, lots of people were voting!

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