First Football Game Today, Then the Zombie Run

Oldest grandson had his first football game today. Hopefully, pictures will be posted soon! In the meantime, here he is with a lil’ substitute football. She loves her big brudders!

The kids (well, not Zoe) are also participating in a Zombie run this afternoon/evening. The kids, in their respective age groups, will be chased by adults dressed as zombies. WHAT FUN! (Well, for the adults.) After all, who wouldn’t want their kindergarten kid chased by a horde of the living dead? There are going to be middle school and high school age runners, too. The zombies chasing them will have to go home hungry. I haven’t found much evidence for the existence of brains in this age group.

I would love to be a zombie, but I would have to be a very, very, *very* slow and chubby zombie! Alas, I didn’t buy a ticket to be a zombie, and it is too late. (Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah, my entire life!) I probably would have had to take mandatory zombie training classes on correct brain eating techniques and zombie sensitivity training to make sure I didn’t offend anybody by preferring somebody else’s brain over their child’s brain, so maybe I didn’t miss much.

ZOMBIES SUCCESSFULLY EVADED! The kids were supposed to be corralled in a secure area until the parents arrived to claim them. Jacob stayed obediently. Dylan immediately ducked away and went to find his Momma in the crowd! He found her, too! She had to wait 20 minutes or more to release Jacob from protective custody. Both boys successfully evaded zombies and finished the mile run.

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